Tampa FL business owners typically think of painting as applying paint to walls. However, there is another kind of painting that’s equally important. Electrostatic painting, typically performed by a commercial painting contractor, is the application of paint to a metal surface.

Metal can be difficult to paint, especially if it’s located outside and subjected to harsh weather. Without regular attention, these surfaces can deteriorate and make your business look run-down.

Latex and oil-based paints can peel or bubble on intricate metal surfaces. By contrast, electrostatic coating is an option that delivers consistently superior results.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

This process uses an electromagnetic field to apply paint to metallic surfaces. The process is based on the idea that opposites attract.

The metal surface is given a negative charge, and the paint receives a positive charge. An attraction between the two is created. The result is a smooth, durable and enamel-hard finish that’s perfectly plated.

Have you ever been shocked by static electricity? If you walk across a carpet and then touch a metal surface, you might get a shock.

Friction from your shoes rubbing on carpet fibers while you walk builds up an electrical charge in your body. When a grounded metal object is touched, the electricity discharges, and you get a shock.

Electrostatic fields resemble typical magnetic fields. When an object is charged, it generates an electrostatic field. If a charged object has an excess of electrons, it’s negatively charged. If it has too few electrons, then it’s positively charged.

When two electrostatic objects are oppositely charged, they are irresistibly attracted to each other. That’s the principle on which the electrostatic coating process is based.

How Does Electrostatic Coating Work?

During the electrostatic coating process, the item that will be painted receives a negative charge from a negatively charged electrode that resembles a battery cable.

Positively charged paint is then applied to the negatively charged metal surface with a revolving nozzle. Because the positively charged paint seeks a grounded object, it coats the metal surface as if it were honey.

The attraction between the negatively charged metal and the positively charged paint is so powerful that the paint covers the metal surface completely. Because the paint is statically attracted to the metal from all directions, there’s no unsightly mess from over spraying.

This technique is especially effective on a detailed surface like a wrought iron fence. The sprayed paint covers every nook and cranny of the intricate surface, and nearly zero paint is wasted.

Why Choose Electrostatic Coating?

Electrostatic coating has countless benefits and advantages over other types of coatings:

The electromagnetic field makes it possible to apply a plated finish that’s smooth and hard. The paint has a consistently uniform and flawless appearance, and the strong and durable coating will last for years.

This type of painting is highly efficient compared to other techniques. The application saves both paint and time. You can easily control the thickness of the paint, so there’s no spattering. This process can be used on any kind of metal surface with reliably exceptional results.

Powder coatings provide excellent protection and durability on metal surfaces. However, these coatings are usually applied only in factory settings. Electrostatic paint delivers a coating that’s equally smooth and protective, and the portable process can be completed on-site.

The paint has a transfer rate of 98 percent. The reduction in overspray means you’ll only lose two percent of your paint during application. Ordinary paint sprayers are only 40 percent efficient because of excessive overspray and paint drying in the air prior to reaching its destination.

Electrostatic coating is not cheaper than other painting options. However, it adds value to your property, and most metal surfaces require only one coat.

The application is a quick and easy way to transform and extend the life of metal surfaces. It protects metal from rust and deterioration and keeps it looking new.

Electrostatic paint can be applied at your home or place of business. After application, the coatings dry within hours.

This type of paint creates a non-porous surface that’s hygienic and easy to clean. The coating resists spills, stains and most cleaning agents.

Electrostatic paint delivers a sleek, smooth finish. It doesn’t drip or clump like other paints because the positively charged paint molecules cling to the metal instead of each other. The paint is applied with a fine mist that ensures an even coating.

This paint can give worn metal surfaces new life and a fresh look. These coatings are available in a wide variety of colors, and if you need a special shade to match an existing surface, we can create it.

Electrostatic paint can transform wrought iron fences, tables and chairs, old refrigerators, outdoor equipment, antique bathtubs, office equipment, factory equipment and more.

Selecting the Right Commercial Painting Contractor

The only real drawback of electrostatic paint is that the process requires the expertise of a reputable commercial painting contractor with the right paint and the proper equipment.

At Shepard Contractors, our experienced painting professionals have everything it takes to give all your metal surfaces a beautiful and luxurious finish.

  • We specialize in all types of commercial painting and coating applications.
  • We understand the properties, process and characteristics of this type of paint.
  • We use the latest equipment and employ the most effective application techniques.
  • We have the training and expertise to apply a variety of finishes to a variety of surfaces.
  • We can perform our work in challenging environments.

Not all commercial painting contractors understand or are equipped to perform this service. Be sure that the contractor you hire is proficient in the application of electrostatic coatings.

Painting of this type has traditionally been performed in factories. However, with the development of mobile painting units, you can access and enjoy this service almost anywhere.

To learn more about the electrostatic process, visit our website or call our Tampa FL office. The team at Shepard Contractors can work with you about everything from colors to scheduling and budgeting.

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