Commercial Exterior Painting

Commercial Exterior Painting

Your commercial exterior painting project needs more than just a paint job. Your building is the face of your organization and needs to be treated with care by qualified professionals. Let the experts at Shepard Contractors prep and paint your building!

Real Commercial Exterior Painting Starts with Chemistry

Experts at Shepard Contractors know paint. Shepard Contractors has been in business for more than 70 years in the Tampa Bay Area and knows how to handle the climate challenges in Florida. In addition, our dedicated professionals are up to date on the latest application techniques.

Exterior conditions in Florida will likely require our professionals to contend with high humidity, rain and wind. These conditions, combined with changes in the paint and solvent industry, require a detailed knowledge of the chemistry of paint.

One of the largest challenges found in the paint industry can be found in the restrictions and regulations on solvents. Paint chemistry is constantly under scrutiny and may change rapidly. By working with the experts at Shepard Contractors, you can be sure you’ll have access to the newest environmentally friendly products.

A Great Commercial Paint Job Starts with Great Preparation

Painting your commercial building will likely require more than just a top coat of paint. Our first job is to assess the current condition of your building to see if the existing exterior is receptive to the finish coat of paint. Depending on the exterior finish, the Commercial Exterior Painter you hire may need to contend with

  • ongoing moisture intrusion
  • mold
  • rust
  • storm or moisture damage
  • cracks
  • deteriorated substrates

The moist conditions found year-round in Florida will require your Commercial Exterior Painting Service to carefully study your building, assess the current exterior condition and possibly make repairs to prepare the surface for a great-looking top coat.

This preparation generally will include assessing the condition of the exterior surfaces then cleaning, sealing, patching, making repairs, caulking and priming as the conditions call for, before applying any paint or coating finishes. The key to a great looking and long lasting paint job is its ability to cling to the surface for the long haul, so preparation is key.