Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing for Tampa, FL

Potential customers form the first impression of your business before they even enter the property; they form their opinion right from the parking lot through to the storefront. Your commercial property and the surrounding exterior environment such as walkways often take a beating from harsh weather. It is easy for dirt, grime, bird excrement, cobwebs, smoke, and other elements to accumulate on floors and walls.

If left to build up, these elements can leave your business front looking shabby and stained, which degrades the overall impression of the premises. It can also interfere with the traction properties of the exterior surface. This means that the surface slip resistance is remarkably lowered, which can cause accidents. Pressure washing of your exterior is, therefore, crucial to keeping the property clean and safe.

Shepard Contractors will power wash your walkways, parking lots, sideways, and other exterior areas of your business to help keep it presentable and inviting all year round.

Using the latest equipment backed by state-of-the-art pressure washing technology, our team can remove stubborn build-up dirt, stains, debris, and grime.
We specialize in the following pressure washing services.

  • Building washing
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Walkway restoration
  • Paint removal
  • Surface preparation for new paint or coatings
  • Does power washing matter and can you do it yourself?
  • To many people, pressure cleaning may seem like an optional task that is only conducted to rid your driveway or parking lot of unsightly dirt. In reality, power cleaning plays a crucial role in any business. The following are reasons why you should consider it.

Save Money

Besides removing harsh elements that taint your exterior, pressure washing saves you money. It is a simple maintenance task that can prevent expensive repairs to the property. Moreover, pressure cleaning is generally an inexpensive cleaning routine.

Leaving winter grime and mold to sit on your business premise for lengthy periods can cause permanent damages. A professional service can remove these elements with minimal impact on the environment.

Boost Overall Appeal

Most businesses often dedicate time and resources to updating their decor and landscaping. Your business’ exterior should be no exception to such upgrades. Cleaning build-up elements will make the paint or stain look new, which adds to the overall appeal.

Pressure Washing Can Remove Allergens

You can reduce the level of allergens in and around your business through pressure cleaning the exterior surface. Pressure cleaning can scrape off layers of mold and dirt to ensure all your employees and customers stay healthy.

Power Washing Prepares the Surface

Power cleaning is the perfect way to prepare exterior surfaces for painting. If you are looking forward to a lasting paint job, allow us to carry out a high-quality pressure cleaning. Applying paint on a surface that has accumulated elements for years is same as setting a campsite on an uneven ground. Power cleaning removes the layer of mildew, dirt, dust and other elements that cover the initial paint. This makes the new paint to stick firmly to the surface, making your investment last longer.

You may be tempted to power wash your business premise, but it can be a frustrating, time-consuming and costly endeavor. Depending on what you are cleaning, renting a pressure washer can cost you about $100 per day. Plus, you must get the equipment from rental locations, refuel and clean the machine, and return it before the deadline.

Considering the crucial role a clean exterior plays in your business, pressure cleaning is not a job you can leave to anyone. You must ensure that your work with reputable and experienced power washing experts in Tampa, FL.

Why Choose our Pressure Washing Services?

 We Understand our Customers

We appreciate that some situations necessitate that we carry out the cleaning task during peak business hours. However, we will ensure that we complete the job in a safe and professional manner without causing disruptions to your operations. Stay confident knowing we can complete your project in your most appropriate time without compromising on the results. On top of this, we put more emphasis on close communication with our clients.

Health and Safety are our Priority

Apart from making sure the cleaning process is accident-free, all our workers are insured. Our machinery and power washing equipment are covered by general liability and vehicle insurances. We also put your safety first; the techniques used by our technicians are environmentally friendly.

Leave the Pressure Cleaning to Us

Whether you plan to beautify the whole building or simply clean your storefront entryway, we understand that pressure washing is crucial for the prosperity of your business. You can rely on Shepard Contractors to keep your property looking beautiful and vibrant throughout the year. We attend to our clients with promptness and professionalism.