Repaint Specialist

For over 70 years, Shepard Contractors has been a trusted name in the painting and restoration business in Tampa. We have successfully completed a variety of commercial, residential, and industrial painting projects, establishing ourselves as a leading commercial painter in Tampa.

Our experience has taught us that new construction painting and restoration work in existing buildings require different skill sets. The latter involves detailed surface preparation and painting while protecting existing fixtures, furniture, equipment, and occupants. It requires special training, experience, and a different set of skills, which many painters lack.

At Shepard Contractors, we have identified this niche and have the necessary experience and qualifications to fill it. We have chosen to focus on repaint and restoration work, leaving the new construction painting to others.

Your building is the face of your organization and needs to be treated with care by qualified professionals. When you hire Shepard Contractors, Tampa’s commercial painting specialists, to repaint your building or facility, we cover all areas to provide the most comprehensive service possible. Our skilled commercial repaint craftsmen will go over every fine detail carefully to ensure the best results. From the largest surfaces to the tightest corners, we ensure everything turns out looking polished and professional.

At Shepard Contractors, we only hire team members who align with our company’s standard for excellence. We do not use painting subcontractors, piece workers, or 1099 employees. All our employees are screened with background checks and provided training to ensure that the most qualified and ethical people join our team.

Shepard Contractors INC- Repaint Specialists, Clearwater, FL

Our professional craftsmen are willing to work in all types of conditions and have the necessary equipment to adjust to the most challenging environments. Even if your building is located in a crowded public environment, our commercial repaint teams can complete your project on schedule in a safe and professional manner.

We have experience painting office buildings, industrial facilities, education centers, religious institutions, gyms and fitness centers, condominiums and HOA properties, medical facilities, retail establishments, and restaurants.

Choose Shepard Contractors, the commercial painters Tampa trusts, for your next painting project.