Restoration and Maintenance

Whether you’re wanting to restore, repair or maintain your building you have come to the right place. Shepard Contractors has the expertise and experience to do the job the way it should be done.

Building Maintenance is the most cost effective yet often overlooked of these three things.

I get it, we are all busy tending to our day to day activities and it is easy to delay doing the things we need to do to maintain and protect our investment but neglecting to do this is sure to catch up with us and cost much more in the long run. It can and will result in repairing and replacing building components.

“Proper maintenance means doing the small things before they become big things.”

This means…

  • Inspecting all of your building components on a regular basis.
  • Making sure your painted surfaces are properly prepped, sealed and painted.
  • Cracks are taken care of in a timely and effective manner.
  • Doors, windows and expansion joints are caulked in the proper manner.
  • Tightening up loose trim and other items before they cause further damage.

“Moisture is not your friend, Seal it now or pay, much more, later.”

Building Repairs are often the result of delayed maintenance and can include…

  • Stucco and concrete repairs.
  • Wood repairs.
  • Substrate damage caused by moisture intrusion.
  • Interior drywall and other components damaged, caused by leaks.
  • Sometimes repairs are needed because of physical damage.

Shepard Contractors INC- Restoration & Maintenance, Clearwater, FL

Building Restoration
can and does mean different things, depending on the situation. It can mean anywhere from bringing something back to its original or near original appearance and or serviceability, all the way to a full historical restoration.

More often than not people are looking for a reasonable and cost effective somewhere in between.
No matter which part of this range you decide on Shepard Contractors is the answer you needs.

Shepard Contractors, a third generation company, has been serving Tampa and the Tampa Bay Area, specializing in Painting, Waterproofing, Building Restoration, and Repairs for over 70 years.

We know the Florida climate and how it affects buildings and their components.