The buildings and equipment of your factory are essential to your business and need proper care. You will want to get the most out of your investment by protecting your factory’s key systems that you rely on to make the products that you offer. Factory painting in Tampa FL can help to extend the life of your equipment and buildings while boosting employee morale. The professional factory painters at Shepard Contractors can be trusted to complete the job according to your standards.

What are the worries about factory painting?

Industrial painting can be costly and complex. Facilities managers might hesitate before engaging in a large painting project. Some facilities managers worry about painting contractors that fail to deliver what they have promised. When a job is not done right, it can hurt your business.

To receive the return on investment that you expect, it is important that your goals are clear from the beginning to the end of the project. Choosing an industrial painting contractor that is experienced and that has a good reputation is important. If you choose the right contractor, your factory painting project can provide your business with benefits for years to come.

The benefits of factory painting

Industrial painters use techniques that can be used to paint all types of industrial surfaces, including tank linings, exterior siding, equipment, warehouses, and silos. The techniques that they use allow the paint to withstand wear and tear of heavy use.

Industrial painting offers numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Helps to control corrosion
  • Makes large projects manageable
  • Helps to protect the value of the equipment and buildings
  • Helps to save on cooling and heating losses and your energy bill
  • Provides more aesthetic appeal to boost employee morale
  • Attracts better employees
  • Enhances your brand
  • Helps your facility to pass inspections
  • Improves the performance of your equipment

Painting your equipment and your buildings can add to their longevity. It makes more sense to paint them now rather than having to replace them in a few years.

What is involved in the factory painting process?

Before your painting project, you will not need to get permits except in rare circumstances. Someone in your company likely knows any requirements that your project will have. You also will not need to worry about insurance. Your contractor should have up-to-date insurance to cover property damage, injuries, and work at your site. Make certain that your industrial painting contractor has an active and valid policy before you sign a contract.

The lines of communication should be open, and you should expect to receive regular updates from your contractor. You should designate a project manager for the project to help to maintain clarity. Choosing a project manager within your team as the main contact can help to make the project proceed smoothly.

In the time leading up to the date of your project, your project manager will need to perform a number of tasks. He or she will need to move the equipment in the area in which the contractor will be moving. Any items that won’t be painted in the area and that aren’t moved will be covered. Surfaces that are not accessible won’t be painted.

You should receive an estimate of the expected duration of the project. You can use this estimate to figure out any downtime of your equipment. Make certain that you announce the project and inform any team members who might be impacted how the project might impact their duties and work routine.

Factory painting projects are commonly scheduled during the workday. If your project is smaller or you have a sensitive work environment, your project might instead be scheduled when your employees are not at work. Regardless of the timing, it is important that you provide access to utilities and to bathrooms. If you don’t want the painters to use your facility bathrooms, make certain to inform the contractor so that the company can bring its own portable bathrooms for its workers to use.

Before the work begins, your contractor will ask you to clarify several things, including the following:

  • Whether their personnel can use the bathrooms
  • Whether their personnel can use the dumpsters
  • Whether the facility is smoking or non-smoking
  • Whether your facility has access to compressed air
  • The type of electricity that is used in the facility
  • How the contractors are able to connect to water at the site

Many types of industrial painting equipment need access to compressed air. It is important for you to inform your contractor if you do not have access to it so that the contractor can bring their own air compressors on a per diem basis.

It can save you money and time if you allow the contractor to connect to on-site water to power-wash exterior surfaces that will be painted. Allowing the connections can allow your contractor to avoid bringing a separate water tanker, which can add to the cost of the project.

What is the right time to start your painting project?

You should schedule your painting project at a time that best meets your needs. If your schedule is seasonal, picking a time that will provide minimal disruption is a good choice. In other situations, the best time will depend on the nature of the project.

If you need indoor painting work, it can be completed at any time. However, some paints and treatments will require keeping indoor temperatures within a set range so that the treatments and paints can set and adhere properly.

Outdoor industrial painting projects depend on the weather. These projects are best to time during warm weather. Outdoor work can be delayed by windstorms, rain, and other weather events. The paint will need to be applied when the weather indicates three days without any rain.

Many factories plan painting projects during the holidays when fewer employees are there. Since this is a popular strategy, it is important for you to book your project far in advance so that you can choose your desired time frame.

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