As a business owner, you know how important it is to make a good first impression for customers. While providing high-quality products or exceptional service should be your top priority, the outward appearance of your commercial space can also affect your clients’ opinion of your business. Sometimes, all your commercial location needs is a fresh coat of paint to liven it up and make the exterior look perfect.

There are a number of factors that can affect the lifespan of your exterior paint job. The quality of the paint can have a significant impact on how long it lasts, and whether or not you hired experienced commercial painting contractors matters as well. The climate you live in makes a difference, too. Unfortunately, if you live in Tampa FL, your business is subjected to some extreme weather conditions. Bright sunlight, intense rain, and humidity can all reduce the lifespan of your exterior paint, so you should be especially watchful for the signs that your building needs a fresh coat.

Not only does new paint look good, but it also protects your business against moisture damage and other issues. Water buildup can lead to serious structural damage if the signs go unnoticed for too long. It’s important to look out for the signs of worn or damaged paint so that you can freshen up your building and prevent structural problems.

Here are five signs that you need to hire a commercial painting contractor to repaint your Tampa business:

1. The Color Is Fading

Paint tends to fade very gradually, so it can take a long time to notice a difference in color. However, if you think the paint looks lighter or duller than it once did, it might be time for a new coat. Fading paint isn’t just an aesthetic problem. It can be a sign that the paint is deteriorating and no longer offers enough protection from the elements.

2. The Paint Has Cracks

Even small, barely visible cracks in the paint can be a big issue. Fine lines can turn into larger patterned cracks that extend across a massive portion of the wall. Then, the paint can start to peel away along the cracks, which leaves the walls vulnerable to weather damage, termites, mold, and other serious problems. As soon as you see cracks forming in the paint, it’s time to seal up these gaps with a fresh coat.

3. You See Bubbles in the Paint

Blistering or bubbling paint is caused by loss of adhesion. When the coat can no longer stick to the wall, it starts to pull away. This typically happens if the area is frequently exposed to bight sunlight or if moisture builds up underneath the paint. No matter the cause of the bubbles, though, this issue needs to be fixed right away.

4. Mold Is Growing on the Walls

Mold is a nightmare for business owners. Sometimes, a small amount of mildew on a painted surface is a simple moisture issue that just needs cleaning. However, mold growth often leads to serious structural damage in commercial spaces. When mold grows inside the walls, it eats away at the material. Mold and mildew can also cause respiratory issues and other health symptoms, especially after prolonged exposure. This is a particularly serious concern if you notice the signs of mold or mildew in your building’s interior. In this case, you should contact a commercial interior painting company immediately so that they can assess the damage and offer solutions for cleaning it up.

5. Pressure Washing Doesn’t Work

Pressure washing is one of the best ways to remove dirt and stains from your building’s exterior. If the paint job is still in good condition, you should be able to rely on pressure washing to make the surface look brand new. If pressure washing doesn’t do the job, you might need a new coat of paint.

Painting your commercial building might not be at the forefront of your mind, but it’s an important step in the upkeep of your property. If the paint on the interior or exterior of your business is faded, cracked, chipped, or damaged in any way, it’s time to reach out to a commercial painter for an upgrade. Even if the paint isn’t visibly worn or damaged, new paint can be an excellent way to help your building look more modern.

Shepard Contractors provides commercial painting services for business owners in Tampa FL. Our painters understand how important a high-quality paint job is for the appearance and structure of your business, and we’re happy to help you complete any painting project you may need. You can contact us to learn more about our external and commercial interior painting services or to schedule a consultation.

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