As energy costs continue increasing in Tampa FL, your attention may understandably turn to improving your facility’s energy efficiency. While you may have already taken numerous steps to reduce energy consumption, there may be one important step that you have overlooked. Commercial exterior painting can play a major role in your building’s energy efficiency. After all both solar heating and radiation are factors that impact the interior climate in your building.

At Shepard Contractors, we are experienced commercial painters serving the Tampa area, and we can help you to make a smart decision about paint selection for your upcoming painting project. Whether you have a retail, office or industrial painting project, we will do our part to deliver optimized benefits.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Paint

As you look at commercial buildings throughout the area, you will undoubtedly see many buildings with white exterior walls and white roofs. This is because white and other lighter hues reflect the sun’s rays. As a result, they deflect some portion of solar heating. The outcome is an interior climate that is somewhat cooler. Less energy is required to maintain an ideal temperature.

While white and light-colored paints are solid options for you to use for your commercial exterior painting project, they are not the only options that you can consider. This is because other aspects of paint can affect a building’s energy efficiency as well.

Why Choose Heat-Reflective Paints?

Many property owners in the Tampa FL area ask our commercial painters to use heat-reflective paints after they learn more about this option. This is a special type of product that is used for many commercial and industrial painting projects in the area and far beyond. Heat-reflective paint uses various advancements as well as mixed metal oxide pigments to accomplish two important tasks. These are to reflect the sun’s radiation and promote thermal emissivity.

There are several other important benefits associated with using heat-reflective paint for your commercial or industrial painting project. These include:

  • Reducing the amount of energy required to maintain a comfortable indoor climate
  • Resisting fading related to exposure to UV rays
  • Accessing a much larger selection of paint colors

You understandably want to optimize the benefits and the longevity of your next commercial exterior painting job. With the many benefits of heat-reflective paint, it makes sense to seriously consider using this type of paint for your upcoming project.

The Commercial Painters You Can Count On

Choosing high-quality paint products with energy-efficient benefits is essential for your next commercial exterior painting project. Likewise, you need to select the right commercial painters to do the work for you. At Shepard Contractors, our painters are qualified experts with many years of experience working in the Tampa area. We understand the unique nuances and challenges that are associated with local commercial painting projects, and we know how to tackle those issues directly for our customers’ benefit.

In fact, our commercial painters are familiar with the properties and traits of all industrial-grade paint and coating products. More than that, our team has extensive experience with the latest application techniques and equipment. We know how to work with all types of exterior commercial surfaces, so you are assured that we can meet all of your unique needs. In fact, our painters have worked in a wide range of challenging environments, and they know how to produce incredible results regardless of the circumstances of the project.

Our painting company is licensed and insured. We always provide written estimates for commercial painting projects upfront, and we stand behind our estimates to complete projects on time and on budget. Our painters cover all of the important bases while working efficiently. We will get the work done to your satisfaction and as soon as possible.

Are you planning a commercial painting project for the exterior of your facility? Our painters want you to enjoy your experience with our team as well as the results that we deliver. We are available to consult with you on paint products and colors as a first step. To request a color consultation and to learn more about the benefits of heat-reflective paint, contact our office today by phone or online.

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