If your commercial tanks or silos are rusting or flaking, they’re more than an eyesore. Leaving them unpainted could expose them to weather damage and corrosion. Those are serious problems that can cost you in the long term. Fresh paint will restore the clean, bright look of your outdoor tanks and silos. It will also protect them from further damage.

Get Top-Notch Commercial Exterior Painting in Tampa FL

Your silos take a lot of abuse. The changeable Tampa FL weather can go from hot and sunny to damp and chilly in just days. Year after year, exposure to the elements can cause the coating and paint to crack. Pressure from inside the tank can also cause deterioration.

The best way to stop this is with the right paint and coating.  You can’t just slap regular exterior paint on your tank and call it a day. To restore the look of your silos, you need help from an experienced commercial painting contractor.

Refresh and Restore Your Silos

Your silos and tanks are a reflection of your business. If they look worn out and rusty, they create a negative image that’s hard to overcome. Gleaming silos and tanks create a winning business image.

Commercial exterior painting is the best way to get a fresh look. When people want their homes to look their best, they hire professional paint contractors. Your commercial business deserves the same treatment.

Expert Commercial Painting Contractor in Tampa FL

At Shepard Contractors, we understand your needs as a business owner. We’re a family business that has been supplying professional commercial paint services for over 60 years.

We have the experience you can rely on for all your commercial exterior painting. Our estimates are fair, and we offer a money-back guarantee on every job.

Our workers are fully vetted and background checked. We get to work immediately, we clean up after ourselves, and we keep you informed of our progress every step of the way.

Protect Your Equipment with Commercial Exterior Painting

You invested a lot of money in your business. Those tanks were probably expensive, and you’ve expected them to last many years. Paint will help preserve them and protect your investment.

We Use High-Quality Exterior Coatings

As a commercial painting contractor, we work with the best coatings and material paints that have proven themselves after years of use. Shepard Contractors can help you select the paint or coating that is right for your needs. Here are some options we offer.

Epoxy paint: One of the most durable coatings for exterior paint, epoxy can also be made to look like steel or aluminum. It protects against corrosion, chemicals and sun damage.

High temperature coatings: Protect your tanks from the Florida sun with coatings designed to stand up to high heat and ultraviolet ray damage.

Polyurethane: This coating is flexible, durable and available in many colors. It dries to a shiny, paint-like finish on wood, steel, concrete and other surfaces.

Low/No VOC: Many people worry about the effects of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in paint and other products. If you want a green solution, ask about our low or no VOC coatings. They are safe to use and durable enough to protect your tanks.

Rust-inhibiting primer: If your silo or tank already has rust, we start with a special primer to lock in corroded areas and prevent further damage.

We Respect Your Time and Your Budget

Exterior painting of silos and tanks is a big job. We understand you can’t just stop running a business, and we will work with your schedule. Do you need us to work during work shutdowns, holidays, weekends or evenings? We can work with you.

As professionals with integrity, we deliver what we promise. Our jobs are done on time and on budget.

You Need Experts for an Expert Job

Painting outdoor silos is difficult, and it’s not something you should tackle yourself. Choosing the right specialty coatings requires expertise and working with them requires specialty skills.

Our paint crews have those skills. We know how to apply specialty coatings and paints for a durable, flawless finish. A properly applied coating will last for years and keep your equipment safe. We follow all local and national safety requirements for the handling and use of these coatings.

Don’t trust this important job to amateurs or to contractors that lack professional commercial paint experience. When you want a professionally applied job, hire a professional paint contractor.

What To Expect When You Hire Us

We have experience painting all commercial and industrial facilities, including warehouses, farms, retail establishments, hospitals, apartment buildings and more. If it’s exposed to the elements, we know how to coat it and make it look its best.

When you hire us, you can expect:

  • Two-year guarantee on every job.
  • Use of the highest quality paints and coatings.
  • Expert workmanship.
  • Bonded, insured workers.
  • Free, detailed estimate.
  • Commitment to customer service.

Stay Safe

Rust, corrosion and sun damage can make your silos and tanks dangerously weak. Get rid of those dangerous eyesores, and get fresh, brightly colored silos you’ll be proud to have on your property. We can help.

Contact Shepard Contractors When you’re ready to get your silos painted, contact us. We provide a detailed, honest estimate before we start working. We take your budget and needs into account and are happy to work around your business schedule. Call us with all your questions about exterior commercial paint for your silos.

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