Renovations on commercial buildings take a lot of planning, but there’s one important part painting that lots of businesses forget about. Remember to paint your ceilings!

What’s So Important About Having My Ceiling Painted?

Commercial buildings are constantly being updated, and renovations are necessary part of running a business. You have to keep a high standard to meet the requirements in your area. You also have to take into consideration the opinions of your clients and employees. The condition of your ceiling plays a big role in the quality of your environment. Our team at Shepherd Contractors want you to know all of the great benefits to maintaining your ceilings, and we want to share our remodeling tips with you!

How Paint Affects Lighting

Ceilings can have a huge impact on your interior lighting. You can change the way visitors perceive the size of a room based entirely on the color scheme you choose. Lighter colors can create a sense of openness in a small space, and dark will make an area more intimate. The goal is to find a balance that makes an environment perfect for visitors and workers. Great lighting can enhance morale, and it can clarify the workspace. A dirty ceiling will always create negative effects for your lighting. Painting is an essential part of keeping your commercial building clean.

Hazards to Safety

Large warehouses are full of dust, and there isn’t much that can be done to stop it from collecting in high places. There’s nothing attractive about cobwebs, but the problem isn’t just aesthetics. That collection of dirt can be a hazard to everyone in the building. Dusty environments can pose a risk to lung health and falling debris can physically harm people. Dirt can injure eyes, and it can become a trip hazard on smooth surfaces. Even old paints can chip away after they deteriorate. There are so many safety risks that it just makes sense to have it taken care of during a remodel.

Moods and Reputations

A new look can completely revolutionize the feel of older construction, and it will enhance the character of your surroundings. Everyone knows that fresh paint looks great, but it can also make your company look great to clients. Taking care of your building shows a sense of professionalism that’s worth every bit of effort put into a renovation. If you manage to preserve a sharp-looking commercial property, then customers will take notice of it.

Sound Refraction

Certain paints are designed specifically for manufacturing environments. These paints are able to significantly reduce the amplification of echoes that reflect of off surfaces. That translates to softer acoustics in large areas that would normally have intense reverberation. It’s not a sound absorbing solution like acoustical panels, but it will bring down the decibel levels in large room with manufacturing machinery. Harsh frequencies are amplified when they continually bounce off of hard surfaces. You could be experiencing that amplification effect at a higher volume than the direct sounds made from the machinery. These types of specialized paints can put an end to most of that, and it can drastically reduce the intensity of harsh noises.

Looking for Design Ideas?

Interior decorating can be overwhelming during a remodel, but we’re here to help. Our Experienced painters would like to recommend these great tips to get you started on your new project in Tampa!

An Inviting Atmosphere

There are a few things you can do to accomplish a more customer-friendly setting. Tall interiors create a sense of distance. An intimate atmosphere can work wonders in the level of comfort that a visitor experience. It’s all about choosing the right hues of colors in relation to the walls. You should consider going for a light tint for the walls. The ceilings should be a darker tint of the same color to create a contrast from the walls. Blues are perfect for large retail stores. Warm colors are the best for fitness centers. Neutral tones look great in manufacturing environments.

Modern Industrial Styles

If you’re going for a unique look that will get your customer’s attention, then glazes are the answer for you. There are countless options to choose from. High-quality glaze finishes take painting to another level. They are available in styles ranging from metallic to transparent. Just let one of our commercial interior painting experts know exactly what you want to achieve in your next remodel, and we’ll do our best to make your ideas a reality.

Textured Designs and Wallpapers

Textured walls are a common trend in most fitness centers, and they can accent a retail space with little maintenance. The biggest advantage of using wallpaper is the easy upkeep. It can also be significantly more cost effect in some circumstances. You can find virtually any printed design that you can imagine, and it doesn’t require delicate hand painting to achieve the same results. Premium wallpapers are the perfect way to add character to an office, and they are an awesome addition to any workspace.

Neutral Tones

Decorating with vibrant colors might not be the right choice for everyone. Muted tones have their place, and they can be a big upgrade. Art studios are a good example of a commercial location that might want to use gray-scale colors for an industrial painting project. Automobile showrooms often use neutral tones to direct more attention to their products. Muted colors can make an average space seem much more sleek.

Commercial Interior Painting Techniques

There are several skillsets that need to be mastered to become a certified painter. Many commercial painting contractors employ the same basic methods of painting during a typical renovation. Let’s go over the process of industrial painting, and you’ll have a better idea of what you can expect during a project with us.

Dry-Fall Painting

Dry-Fall paint works exactly the way it sounds. A special type of fast-dry paint is sprayed onto your ceiling, and the overspray dries as it falls. This method makes cleanup a breeze. It is very popular with manufacturing environments because a project can be completed much faster. It also requires less preparation time. Sensitive equipment won’t need to be moved. The powdery substance left behind is easily swept away.


Some architectural designs require the use of high setups to reach ceilings and walls. You can expect the use of lifts in buildings with ceilings that span over 25 feet in height. Our painters will inform you if high setups will be necessary for your project. Keep in mind that the use of scaffolding may cause your painting to take longer than it would under normal circumstances.


The best way to paint most commercial buildings is with the use of a paint sprayer. Most interior painting will be done using an industrial sprayer. It is the most efficient method of painting, and it results in an extremely even finish.

Hand Painting with Commercial Painting Contractors

Painting by hand might be recommended for complex architecture. It’s common in older construction with unique features that can’t be painted by equipment.

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