Surveying rows of beautiful homes while driving can fill a quiet afternoon, in some cases, one of these homes, might serve as an HOA open house for public view. HOAs are an organized housing development, besides offering members the benefit of golf courses, gated communities, and tennis courts, HOAs offer the advantage of selecting the top businesses for maintenance and repair, this includes a commercial painting contractor like Shepard Contractors.

The process of selecting an HOA painter for your HOA (Homeowners association) property becomes significantly easier with the strength of the organization at your disposal. Homeowners and the HOA benefit from services available particularly, through fees paid by HOA members. HOA painters offer the painting of railings, balconies, exterior painting, interior, and pool house painting. There are other services involved with painting an HOA property, but these are just a few.

Making repairs or changing the look of a property when under contract with an HOA is not that simple. Approval from the Homeowners Association is a part of the HOA structural package, therefore before any cosmetic features are altered, they are notified. How fast the approval or disapproval depends on the HOA. Fortunately, when dealing with seasoned commercial painters, they will usually be familiar with the rules surrounding Homeowner Association regulations.

In some instances, tours are prepared for customers before they make a selection. This provides an advantage when presenting the colors to your association. Without going through the correct channels, a simple coat of paint might cause unnecessary debate, considering the association is governed by state laws.

Finding a copy of the HOA agreement is the beginning of the venture. Some boards are well-staffed and keep great records, but if your HOA is among the less organized, this might take a bit. Once you have located the necessary information, sit down with your designated representatives at your HOA, specifically targeting the part that manages maintenance. Give the board a detailed list on the painting project you have in mind for your properties, while including colors, and the prospective companies you have in mind for the job. Also, ask for the correct paperwork for approval filing.

This is a circumstance where word of mouth can get you into legal trouble; you need a paper trail. Get correct forms, note the person you spoke with, and get the signatures of qualified representatives of the HOA. Provide samples and paint color names for clarity if required.

With commercial painters, a consultant will listen to the chosen group and get an idea of what developers want, after which they will present them with possible options. HOA decision-makers have time to look at accents on the home, colors, and roof styles.

It is understandable when Homeowner Association developers want to maintain the value of the property. Painting helps prevent damage from sun and rain to wood surfaces while keeping the HOA looking good. Commercial painters are essential in accomplishing this goal.

Approval might happen in three months, sometimes less. However, do not get impatient and try to paint your HOA without approval. However, restrictions vary with HOAs, so, check paint colors against other homes in your designated HOA perspective.

Choosing Commercial Painting Services:

Step 1

The first objective is to follow the criteria set aside for HOA projects and to determine if a commercial contractor is required to do a particular job. Also, the group needs to determine if this action benefits the group as a whole. In the state of Florida, it is required that bids are reviewed by the HOA, after being collected from qualified contractors.

If the expenditure settles above five percent of the projected expense, the HOA has legal requirements. Nevertheless, experienced HOA painters provide the equipment to maintain the continuity of appearance established by the HOA.

Step 2

When searching for a commercial painter for your HOA, consider the track record of the company, its financial stability, license, insurance, management qualifications, and job experience. It is wise to allow HOA members to do an independent search for capable professional painters through the Better Business Bureau or some other review site. This opens the door to multiple commercial painting services. This type of search bypasses constricting membership rules.

Step 3

It is essential that your HOA considers the validity of each contractor rather than making the lowest bid the deciding factor. Look at the aspects necessary for your job completion and consider the bids in closest relation to the needs of your HOA painting project. Once a commercial painting contractor is found acceptable, ask for a written contract with the requirements installed.

The contract must make it clear, the agreement between the HOA and the painter is that of an independent entity, which shields the HOA from legal ramifications. Shepard Contractors, in Tampa, Florida, provides the qualities searched for by many HOA groups.

Any contract should also specify:

-Completion date

-HOA payment

-HOA method of payment


-Termination rules

-Completion clause

Step 4

Before any contract is truly established, the proper signatures must be placed on a contract. Two signatures are required to complete an HOA document. Two parties, in a variety of combinations: president and secretary or chief financial person and one of the mentioned members of the association. Any funds allocated to pay the contractor are disbursed according to board rules.

Step 5

If the chosen commercial painting service satisfies your needs and does the level of work you are pleased with, install a clause that requires a new bid by the contractor each year. This provides the opportunity for your HOA to have the advantage of working with this company when the painting is needed on your HOA, and the bid will fit the job. The painting of a home, parking lot, or hall only takes about ten days. Every commercial painting contractor in Tampa FL does not fit the bill for every HOA development, and a variety of conditions might arise to disqualify a painter. Therefore, it is important to look carefully while searching for the most qualified HOA painter. Although many associations in the HOA industry have set rules, there is some room for negotiation.

An HOA painting project is a major undertaking that requires the appropriate contractor. These steps can help streamline the process and assist you choosing the right one. Follow this advice, and you can protect your HOA and the members it represents.

Are you an HOA searching for the right commercial painting contractor? Then look no further than Shepard Contractors. As an veteran painter in Tampa FL, we can handle any painting job no matter how big or small. We are always happy to consult with you concerning colors, painting schedules, HOA requirements and more. Our crew will guarantee our work is performed to your complete satisfaction. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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