Like any business, a hotel depends on both new and returning customers. If your property is appealing from a distance — and in online photos — it will beckon first timers. If it’s attractive and well-kept inside, many guests will want to come back.

How do you boost your hotel’s curb appeal? And how do you make its interiors as attractive as possible? Well, you could enlist a reputable commercial painting contractor to handle your paint jobs and maintenance duties.

Planning, Planning, Planning

Of course, painting a hotel is never simple. You must close rooms to complete this project, which can lead to a loss in revenue without proper planning.

What does that planning involve? Before the project starts, you should have a budget and timeline in place. That timeline should be short enough to cause minimal disruption to your business. At the same time, it must be long enough to ensure high quality.

If you’re not sure how much time to allow for each aspect of your painting project, seek advice from a contractor or other expert.

Once your plan is in place, you can adjust your booking availabilities as necessary.

Sprucing Up That Exterior

If your hotel exterior is in great shape, it sends the message that your whole property is in great shape. If it looks drab or faded, many people will conclude — rightly or wrongly — that your property isn’t up to par. They’ll assume it can’t offer the top-notch services they expect.

That’s why regular outdoor painting is vital for hotels. And it’s especially important after a long winter (even in Florida), which can batter coats of paint and lead to cracking and chipping.

Keep in mind that exterior paint jobs aren’t just for your building. Your commercial exterior painter can also beautify your signs, ramps, railings, parking lot, lampposts, and more.

As a result, you can achieve a unified color scheme and a stunning overall effect. Not to mention, every detail will look magnificent up close.

On top of that, your commercial exterior painter can do more to your outdoor surfaces than simply paint them. This professional can provide refinishings and minor repairs as well.

Making the Interior Sparkle

Painting every corner, nook, and high ceiling smoothly calls for a master’s touch. Choosing just the right colors demands a discerning and experienced eye. And getting the painting done on time and on budget requires true expertise.

Of course, your interiors sometimes need more than painting. Wallpapering, staining, and other techniques can greatly enhance a space. Indeed, knowing which methods would be the most effective in which spots is a key part of interior painting.

What’s more, it’s a great idea to develop a long-term relationship with commercial painters you really like and trust. That way, you can call on that company for regular touch-ups and emergency services.

Those improvements are crucial. After all, the paint inside your hotel really takes a beating. Just think about all the changes in temperature and humidity, the suitcases that scrape against the walls, and the other factors that constantly wear down that paint.

Also note that, if you’d like to completely redesign your hotel’s interior, it’s wise to speak to a commercial interior painter as you draw up those plans. Color is a major component of a room’s overall look and feel.

Repair Before You Repaint

Before your hotel painting begins, you should take care of all indoor and outdoor repairs. If there are small issues like cracks in your walls or larger problems like warped beams or rotted drywall, they should be fixed at once.

Doing so will make it easier to paint. On the other hand, if you just paint over such a problem, the issue will probably get worse. Later on, the repairs will be more costly, and then you’ll have to repaint once again.

If your repairs are severe and numerous, you should hire a specialist before your painters start. However, you can leave some tasks to your painting contractor. They include cleaning, scraping, and sanding.

Choosing a Commercial Painting Contractor

Your painting plan is ready. Your repairs are getting done. So how do you go about selecting a painting contractor?

Start by compiling a list of referrals. Friends, and family members can help but, suppliers, vendors, and other business owners will understand your needs. Read online reviews. And contact various companies to request qualifications and estimates.

The process of getting a painting estimate goes as follows. First, someone from the company will visit your hotel, talk to you about your wants and needs, and inspect your property. With that information at hand, he or she will write up an estimate and send it to you.

Preparing the Worksites

Just before your painters begin, you should prepare their workspaces. You’ll need to remove all the furniture in the rooms that will be painted along with the artwork, electronics, glassware, and other expensive items.

You’ll also want to hang signs telling your employees and guests where the work areas are. Thus, they can avoid those spots. You might even set up alternative pathways with arrows for people to follow.

Moreover, you may ask certain staff members to work overtime during painting sessions. That way, more employees will be on hand to direct guests and monitor the worksites.

By taking these steps, you’ll adhere to important safety standards. You’ll protect and ensure the comfort of your guests throughout the painting process.

What Shepard Contractors Can Do for You

With Shepard Contractors at your side, you can be sure that your hotel painting will be fast and hassle-free. Therefore, you can concentrate on giving your guests the best possible services.

With all of those clean, gleaming, beautifully painted rooms, you’ll really rack up those five-star internet reviews.

Shepard Contractors is a widely respected commercial painting and specialty coating company in western Florida. We’ve served Tampa and the surrounding areas since 1949. But how have we maintained our status as industry leaders?

All of our commercial painters have an in-depth understanding of paint — its characteristics and its unique properties. They also know how to apply various finishes to various substrates. We have an equally strong familiarity with the latest painting techniques and equipment.

We combine this knowledge with the principles of outstanding customer service: dedication, hard work, punctuality, responsiveness, competitive pricing, friendliness, thoroughness, and the ability to work in challenging environments. Our goal is always the same: to exceed expectations. If you’d like to learn more about what we could do for your hotel, please email us at, or give us a call at 813-400-2081.

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