As a restaurant owner in Tampa FL, you have probably already achieved a great deal of success just by providing tasty food and excellent service. Now, you want to paint your place of business, and that’s a good idea because the building’s appearance can convince passersby to become regular customers. The ambiance can also drive away visitors. Seasoned restaurant painters understand what one coat of paint can do. How can you achieve the best results without jeopardizing the progress you have made in the food industry? The first step is to set your attention on the biggest considerations:

1. Environment

After working with a commercial painting contractor, you will know for certain that you don’t need pendant lights and ornate furnishings to set the right mood at your restaurant. Enter every restaurant in your locality, and you will see that colored walls play a large role in creating unique environments. Various colors produce peculiar distinctions, which help form the character of a place. Therefore, give some serious thought to the pattern you want to use for the interior and the exterior. Then, think about the advantages and the possible consequences of painting your restaurant in that pattern.

Warm and cool colors don’t create similar looks. They definitely don’t evoke the same emotions. If you want the inside of your restaurant to match the interior of an intimate dwelling, consider going with a warm color scheme. The place will have a welcoming vibe for sure. If you want a spa-like setting that’s serene and soothing, you won’t be disappointed with cool shades like green and blue. They have a receding effect, so a cool color scheme will go a long way toward opening up small rooms. Just make sure all the shades are complementary to the surrounding decor so that the theme of your restaurant will remain intact.

2. Paint

How long do you want the new look to retain its beauty and aesthetic value? Your paint of choice will be a determining factor. If you are thinking about using the cheapest brands to save money, take the time to consider the benefits of painting with high-quality materials. Top-grade paints are worth their hefty price tags. As you may already know, they produce different finishes. Matte, eggshell, satin and gloss options can serve a useful purpose inside your restaurant. It comes down to which rooms you use them in. While flat paints do a terrific job at hiding old imperfections and obscuring blemishes, shiny paints are particularly formulated to resist stains and reflect light.

With all this in mind, most restaurant painters will recommend satin and glossy paints, especially for the kitchen and the bathrooms. This is the case because their sheen provides surfaces with a reliable layer of protection against fingermarks and moisture. After the paint job, your employees won’t have any difficulty with cleaning grease and splatters off the walls. The fresh, glossy film will continue to look amazing despite frequent cleanings.

3. Industry

Chances are you can easily distinguish fast-food places from upscale restaurants in Tampa FL. Fast-food businesses tend to have bright, bold colors and easy-to-recognize designs because they aim to be a focal point. Upscale eateries are cozier and more elegant, so they have a style that emanates a degree of class. For this reason, you must keep the industry at the forefront of your mind so that you can give your business the most suitable makeover.

Are you trying to enhance a mom-and-pop shop? Such a business will look spectacular with warm hues. Consider adorning it with red paint or with any other warm color that appeals to you. If the restaurant you own is suited for people who enjoy eating healthy, green or brown shades should be among your top choices. It’s worth mentioning that gray tones work just as well as brown hues on the walls at health-centric restaurants.

4. Clientele

If you are running a family-oriented diner in Tampa FL, consider outsourcing your project to a commercial painting contractor that has considerate and experienced workers. The restaurant painters at Shepard Contractors will gladly give you a hand. Catering to adults and children is a rewarding and demanding task because you have to maintain a safe environment before, during and after the paint job. With professional assistance, the safety of your staff and customers won’t be compromised.

Another factor to take into consideration is the interior’s vulnerability to aesthetic damage. Kids take delight in running their hands across tables and walls, so spills and messes are bound to happen. If you choose a theme that involves the use of white paint, apply a protective coating. This additional film will help the results hold up much longer. Adorning the trim or baseboards with a darker color will give the fresh look excellent appeal.

5. Timetable

The bigger your restaurant is, the more time you will have to allocate to the paint job. However, you can take a shortcut by hiring commercial painting services in Tampa. Seasoned painters are better equipped to carry out the duties involved in restaurant painting.

The key is to get the paint job done without halting your day-to-day operations because you don’t want to disrupt your business’ momentum. Instead of locking customers out for the duration of the project, let the commercial painting contractor transform one section at a time. This approach will allow you to meet your goals in a convenient manner.

First-Rate Commercial Painting Services for Tampa Shepard Contractors will have you covered even if you prefer to tackle the entire project at once. We will factor in your restaurant’s traffic history to help you put together a favorable timetable. On top of that, we will consult with you whenever you are ready to paint your restaurant in Tampa, FL. The color specialists at our company offer outstanding suggestions for color schemes. Because our professionalism is just as great as the commercial painting services that we provide, you can expect to receive top-notch assistance and a fast turnaround. Call Shepard Contractors at your earliest convenience for more details.

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