No matter the industry you work in, you want the commercial building that you own to be aesthetically appealing and well-maintained. When you have a beautiful building, your customers and the greater public will know that your business is thriving, which should help you bring in more business. In order to keep your building in great condition, you should maintain it on a regular basis, which can involve scheduling regular maintenance services from a reputable commercial painting company. The colors that you use can make a significant difference in how the public views your building, which is why you should take this decision seriously.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial Painting and Residential Painting?

When you’re getting ready to select new paints for your commercial building, there are many considerations that you should keep in mind. First of all, it’s important that you’re aware of the differences between a standard commercial painting job and a residential painting job. The primary difference between these two painting jobs comes down to the scale of the project in question. In the majority of a situations, commercial painting jobs will require a larger area to be painted when compared to a residential painting job. As such, the project is more comprehensive and will almost certainly require additional manpower to finish in a timely manner, which is why it’s important that you hire reputable commercial exterior painters that know what they are doing.

Since commercial painting projects are larger in scale, it’s all the more important that the commercial painting contractors you choose have extensive experience with larger painting projects. You need a company that understands how to complete large-scale projects without significant delays. If the project isn’t finished on time, your business will likely be unable to open until the project has been completed, which can hurt your bottom line. Keeping your business closed for longer than you had anticipated will lead to reduced revenues, which no business owner wants to go through.

Think About the Architecture of the Building

One of the most often overlooked aspects of choosing commercial building paint colors is to pair the paint with the right material. Different styles of buildings and their exterior materials require different types of paint. The material that’s used on the exterior of the building dictates what the paint color will look like and how long it will last. If you use red paint on a barn, it will look much different than using red paint on the exterior of a police station.

The reason for this difference is because police stations are made out of concrete with barns being made from wood. Red will invariably chip and crack more rapidly when used on wood due to its distinct characteristics. If you’ve found your preferred paint color but are unsure of how it will interact with the main material on your commercial building, get in touch with our professionals at Shepard Contractors today. We’ll answer any question you might have.

Consider the Surroundings of Your Commercial Building

You also need to take the surroundings of your commercial building into account when choosing the right paint colors. For instance, buildings that are situated on a smaller lot can benefit from a darker hue, which may help you avoid the problem of your building seeming oversized when compared to the lot size. Some additional questions that you should think about include:

  • What are the colors of any surrounding buildings?
  • Do the walkways, driveways, and parking lots only have neutral colors?
  • Is the surrounding landscaping green and well-maintained?
  • Does your commercial property rest in a historic neighborhood?
  • Does it snow often at your location?

You also want to make sure that the paint colors you select match your brand. By looking at your company’s website, logo, and social media branding, you may be able to better understand which paint colors are right for your building.

Each Brand Has Its Own Distinct Color Profile

All brands come with a color profile that’s put together in order to represent the values and mission statement that the company has. For instance, a company like Amazon mainly utilizes three distinct colors of black, yellow, and white in their branding and logo. By identifying the color palette of your brand, you can make sure that the building matches.

The color palette that you choose should match with the message that you want your building to display. For instance, developers who are looking to attract other professional services should consider a neutral and symmetrical profile for their buildings. If you want your company to be seen as a modern business that’s aware of all the latest trends, bold and bright colors might work best for you. Our commercial painters in Tampa FL can help you make this decision.

Think About Using Paint Colors That Are Trending

An easy way to identify which paint colors would work best with your commercial building is to pay attention to trends. As is the case with practically everything, different paint colors will become more popular at different times. Trends will change regularly based on the perception of our environment by society. The choices that members of society make each year dictate which colors are ideal for fashion, marketing, real estate, sports, and electronics industries.

Color Can Alter a Person’s Mood

Color can actually change a person’s mood and can play a part in what a person feels and thinks. For instance, the right color can help a person relax in specific situations. Over the past couple decades, an increasing number of studies have attempted to identify the link between mood and color. These studies show that a person’s mood can change based on the colors that they see when in a room.

If you choose the right colors for your business, your customers will feel better when using your business, which should allow you to bring in high revenues. You never want to paint a certain room in a garish color that only serves to increase the stress that your customers are feeling. When this occurs, it’s very likely that your customers will choose to take their business elsewhere. Less customers means that your profits will drop.

The Accent Color You Choose Is Just As Important

While the primary color that you select for your commercial building is essential, it’s also recommended that you select the correct accent color, which is used to emphasize the color scheme that you’ve landed on. When a building is painted with just one shade of a specific color, it usually looks boring. To best avoid this issue, it’s important to select an accent color that will add variation to the main color.

However, you will still need to choose the best color for your building. Most companies tend to choose an accent color that’s slightly darker or lighter than the main color. If you want to take a less traditional approach to obtain a better response from your customers, a complimentary color may be preferable. These colors are ones that will neutralize the primary colors when mixed together and will look appealing when used in a business setting.

Determine If Your Business Is Located in A Historical Neighborhood

Before you make a final decision on the color schemes to use for your industrial building, it’s highly recommended that you first check with your city to determine if your business is located within a historical neighborhood. When this occurs, the city will typically have restrictions on the types of paint that businesses and homeowners can use, which is designed to make sure that the historical integrity of the buildings remain.

If you have already made up your mind on which colors to use for your building, learning about the restrictions by your city could make for quite a disappointment, which is why it’s important that this is among the first steps you take when choosing paint colors for your commercial building.

Now that you have a good understanding of how to select the right paint colors for your commercial building, call Shepard Contractors today so that we can consult with you on colors, schedules, and everything you require to meet your commercial painting needs. Our commercial painting contractors have a comprehensive understanding of the many characteristics and properties of paint, which is why you can be confident in our recommendations.

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