A new commercial painting job can help to transform the look and feel of your office or facility. When the appearance of your business is improved, it can encourage productivity and provide your clients or customers with greater confidence when they do business with you. Deciding to go forward with a commercial painting project represents an investment that you will want to last. If the drywall in your office or building is damaged, you might wonder whether you can have it repaired before painting or if you should instead replace it. Here is what you need to know when you are trying to decide whether you should choose drywall repair or new drywall installation in your building before the painting work begins.

When your drywall has gotten wet

Drywall is a versatile building material that is lightweight. Drywall installation has transformed the building industry because of its ease of use and its affordability. However, when drywall gets wet, it holds the moisture for a long period of time. This can encourage the growth of mold spores inside of the walls that can negatively impact the environmental air quality inside of your business.

In Florida, we are all aware of the problems that flooding, and moisture can bring. If your business has flooded, you will want to check your drywall for moisture. You can do this by checking it with a moisture meter. If you do not have access to one, you can remove a baseboard and use a screwdriver to poke holes in the area that would be hidden by the board. Drywall that is soft and that you are easily able to penetrate with the screwdriver contains moisture.

If you determine that your drywall is wet, you will then want to check inside of the wall. To do this, cut a hole and check the insulation. If you have insulation that is made out of cellulose or fiberglass, it is important for you to check it for moisture content. Wet insulation should be removed to prevent the growth of mold spores.

In general, if your drywall has gotten wet because of a flooding incident, it is best for you to choose to move forward with drywall installation rather than drywall repair. Mold can cause serious environmental air quality problems. If your employees are exposed to mold, they may suffer from respiratory illnesses and may have to call off work from illness more often. Replacing water-damaged drywall before you paint is also important. Doing so will give you more beautiful, lasting results. Painting over water-damaged drywall is unlikely to give you the appearance that you want, and the painting job will only last until the drywall has to be replaced.

After a fire

If your business has suffered a fire, you may be trying to get the repairs completed as quickly as possible so that your business operations can resume at full-force. Commercial painting can help to remove some of the smell from a fire, but you might also need to consider a new drywall installation.

Drywall that has been directly exposed to smoke and fire should be replaced. Drywall that is exposed to fire will be brittle and easily broken. Some of its facings may peel off from the heat. The drywall may also have suffered water damage when the fire was being put out.

Drywall in rooms other than where the fire was located might also need to be replaced, depending on the smoke damage. Some people are able to detect the scent of smoke in rooms in which the walls have been repainted. To get your business back to where you’d like it to be, it makes sense to choose drywall installation services prior to your commercial painting job instead of drywall repair.

Holes, loose nails, and other problems

Drywall is very versatile and can provide you with beautiful, smooth walls that can last for years. However, drywall will eventually begin to develop damage. If your business is heavily trafficked by your employees, clients, customers, and suppliers, the drywall is bound to eventually suffer some damage.

Some types of damage such as nicks, dents, and small holes can easily be repaired. Professionals can repair the damaged areas and tape them before painting, making it appear as if the damage was never there. Other reparable types of damage might include nails that have loosened from the studs and scratches.

Other problems such as large holes, mold, bumps, and foul smells may necessitate that you remove the old drywall and begin with drywall installation services. Having new drywall professionally installed can leave your business with flat, smooth services that are ready for painting.

When you are rewiring your building

If your electrical system needs to be updated to meet local codes or to accommodate new systems, your electrician will likely recommend that you demolish the existing drywall. Removing the drywall makes the job of an electrician easier, but it is not always necessary. However, choosing to do so might mean that the electrical upgrade will be faster.

Whether you should try to repair your existing drywall or to choose to install new drywall will depend on the type of damage that you have and the projects that you are planning. If your drywall has been damaged by water, fire, or smoke, it is likely that you will need to replace it. Replacing drywall can prevent mold from growing and harming the air quality inside of your company. The professionals at Shepard Contractors in Tampa FL are able to inspect your office and advise you about whether you should choose drywall repair or replace your drywall. Our experienced professionals are able to remove your existing drywall and install new drywall to give the type of beautiful results that you want. We can then help you to finish the job with our commercial painting services so that your office or building will look brand new. To learn more and to obtain a quote, contact Shepard Contractors today by calling us at 813.400.2081.

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