If you need your commercial space painted, you need to hire a painting contractor in Tampa who is ready to get the job done skillfully, efficiently and at an affordable price. Shepard Contractors is the experienced, knowledgeable painting contractor you need to get the job done on time and on budget.

We are a third-generation, family-run business. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ethical business dealings, and we know you’ll agree.

Find a Commercial Painting Contractor in Tampa FL

At Shepard, we:

  • Specialize in commercial and industrial painting.
  • Know how to use different coverings on different substrates.
  • Have an in-depth understanding of paint types and paint trends.
  • Use the latest tools, equipment and methods.
  • Can work in the most challenging environments.
  • Understand the features of Florida weather and how they affect paint.

Could Your Commercial Property Use a Facelift?

If your commercial or industrial building is looking old and worn out, it might be time for a professional paint job. We can help you find modern, fashionable paints that will hold up to Florida weather and make your store front, office or other commercial building stand out from the crowd.

Five Reasons to Paint Your Store, Industrial Space or Office Building Today

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give your commercial building an instant upgrade. Paint is the fastest, most affordable way to improve any property. If you’ve been holding off on painting your building’s exterior because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may want to reconsider. This is actually an excellent time to upgrade and improve your commercial property. Here are five good reasons to call a commercial painting contractor in Tampa FL.

1. There’s Nobody Around

While the lack of customers and workers isn’t great for your business, it’s perfect if you want to take on a building improvement project like painting. When you hire commercial painting services now, they won’t have restrictions on when they can work. They don’t have to schedule their painting around your company’s business hours. They can start early, finish late, move around freely and get the job done.

It can be especially difficult to paint office interiors during normal work times. Paint crews have to wait for evenings and weekends. Even when they work during the of hours, paint fumes can bother your workers. If your business isn’t operating right now, it’s easy for painters to get in and get working.

2. You Don’t Have to Inconvenience Your Employees or Customers

You may have held off on doing improvements in the past because it wasn’t worth it to disrupt your business, your workers and your customers. It’s always difficult to schedule major improvements or repairs around your work hours, traffic and other considerations. You don’t want to disrupt the flow of business or the flow of people coming in from the street. Hiring store front painters now is a great way to upgrade without slowing down.

3. Get a Modern, Updated Look

Nothing makes an office building, retail establishment or restaurant look outdated than an old-fashioned, uninteresting color scheme. Nobody wants to visit a place that looks dilapidated and sad. Hiring office painters or store front painters will help you modernize your place. Give it a bright new look before you reopen.

Try a color scheme that reflects what’s fashionable right now. Shepard works with well-known business owners and decorators throughout the Tampa area. We can help you pick the colors and paint types that will make your place look its best. We’ll also help you pick paints that can stand up to the wind, salt and sun of Florida.

4. Tell the World You’re Ready to Reopen

When you show you care about the way your place looks, people notice. If you hire commercial painters to spruce up your place, your building will stand out from the others around it. It’s a sign that you’re ready to hit the ground running once things start returning to normal. Hiring office painters lets your employees, customers and competitors know you haven’t lost your edge.

It’s also a great sign for your workers. Many people neglect to paint office, hotel or other interiors because it’s too difficult to work around office workers, equipment and clients. Brighten up the walls and make your workers glad to come back.

5. You Can Benefit Even If You’re Currently Operating

If you’ve managed to stay open because you’re an essential business, you can still benefit from the downtime everyone else is experiencing. A commercial painting contractor understands the necessity of working around your guests and workers. They also know how to incorporate new safety and cleaning standards that protect everyone. Hiring a professional is the only way to ensure a professional level of knowledge and skill in every situation. Shepard’s paint crews have the ability to work in any challenging environment.

Your Choice for Commercial Painting Services in Tampa

When you need commercial painting in Tampa, consult with Shepard first. We have been in business for decades. During that time, we have provided outstanding service to all types of Tampa businesses including hotels, hospitals, fitness centers, day cares, retail stores and offices.

We provide both exterior and interior paint services. We can work with you to discuss:

  • Paint options for your building.
  • Repairs or restoration work.
  • Safety and sanitation protocols.
  • Realistic timeline and budget.

Trusted Commercial Painters in Tampa

If you’ve decided to paint your building during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can count on us to do the work with a full understanding of special safety protocols. Our workers regularly use face coverings, maintain social distance and understand the necessity of sanitary measures.

We have worked in a variety of settings from clinics and hospitals to day care centers. We can also take care of drywall repairs or other restoration services if your building needs those before we paint.

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