Business owners often get the idea of painting their facility when they see a neighbor or a competitor getting a fresh coat of paint. After all, the summer months are when many businesses are most active. Therefore, most businesses prefer to have their properties painted in the summer. For these reasons, commercial painting contractors tend to be busier in the summer while having extra time in the winter.

Scheduling an extensive painting job in the summer is not always possible. Many commercial painters are booked solid in the summer, and planning a painting job can take time. Therefore, business owners will often have to consider whether the fall or winter is the right time to get a painting job done.

Can Paint Dry Properly in the Winter?

The most significant concern that business owners tend to have when considering a winter painting project is whether a colder climate will impact the quality of results. In the summer, many businesses open their doors and windows to let in cool breezes. Opening windows is common in the summer because doing so saves money on energy bills.

On the other hand, windows are never opened in colder months under normal conditions. The cost of opening windows in the winter is too expensive because warm indoor air will quickly flow outside. Nevertheless, it is necessary to open windows when interiors are painted. Opening windows allows fumes to escape and increases airflow to speed up the drying process.

It is true that paints dry slower when outdoor air is cold. However, the difference in time is significant only in a laboratory. Most paints take about three days to dry in the summer, and they take the same amount of time to dry in the winter. No interior paint manufacturer lists different drying times for different times of the year. As a result, there is no reason to be concerned about whether paints will dry properly in the winter.

Additional Heating Costs

When the interior of your business is painted, you will have to open the windows for several days to ensure proper drying. Opening windows in the wintertime is never something that business owners want to do, so they tend to be understandably concerned about costs.

You will only have to open your windows for about three days, so increased heating costs will not accumulate over an extended period of time. Painting jobs can be timed to be completed before holidays or weekends, so you can reduce the interior temperature while staff members are away from your office.

You also do not have to open all of the windows in your entire facility. If you have a large facility that will be painted, contractors can divide the work into several zones. Each zone will then be painted at the same time. Therefore, you only have to open your windows in one section of your facility at a time, and this will reduce your heating costs.

When you hire a commercial painter, keeping costs in perspective is important. Increased heating costs are insignificant relative to the overall cost of a painting project. Nevertheless, you should still include the cost of heating when you decide whether to move forward with your painting project. Shepard Contractors is happy to help you determine whether heating costs will be significant in your project. In the vast majority of cases, increased heating costs will hardly even be noticeable when you get your energy bill.

Less Humidity Helps Paint Dry

Another important factor that you should consider is how quickly and efficiently paint will dry. For drying to occur, water must be absorbed into the air. When the air is too saturated with water, drying takes a much longer period of time.

In the winter months, humidity levels decrease dramatically. Some people have severe problems with dry eyes or dry skin during the wintertime because the lack of humidity in the air is so extreme. The effect on paints is identical because dry air absorbs water from all sources. Therefore, paints can actually dry faster in the winter because of dry air.

Winter Painting Offers More Availability

Another major advantage of painting in the wintertime is that your commercial painting contractor can afford to dedicate more resources to your project. As mentioned earlier, most business owners prefer to have their facilities painted in the summer. During the winter months, most painting contractors have a shortage of work. Of course, these contractors have the same number of staff members throughout the year, so they can assign more workers to your project in the winter.

Planning and implementing a painting project is often preferable in the winter when your project requires substantial customization. Top management and leading designers usually have fewer projects to manage in the winter, so they can spend more time developing a customized plan. It is also easier to speak directly to these individuals in the winter since they have more time.

In the winter, it usually does not take long to get a commercial interior painter to quote you a price. Contractors usually have availability, and they may even have teams standing by waiting to work. Consequently, you can usually get your job done in less time and with an enhanced level of quality.

More Focus on Your Job

Since contractors are not overloaded with work in the winter, they can dedicate more attention to your job. Having more time to focus on your job means that completed work is more likely to exceed your requirements.

If something goes wrong, contractors will usually have more flexibility to solve the problem. When painters have more time, they may even be able to make suggestions about further improvements that you could make in a future job.

Get Your Business Painted Right

Having your business painted in the right way is crucial because paints impact how customers perceive your business on a daily basis. If your business is painted correctly, customers could be more attracted to your business. Painting can even help companies to position themselves as premium providers.

Shepard Contractors in Tampa FL has the expertise and experience necessary to paint your business right. The company has an in-depth understanding of paints and is familiar with using cutting-edge equipment and techniques. Shepard looks forward to opportunities to work in challenging environments that most painting contractors avoid.

Shepard will visit your facility to provide a comprehensive quote. If you are uncertain about what you need, the company will work closely with you to determine the right colors and materials that are suitable for your needs. Once your project starts, the company will work quickly to paint your facility in a way that exceeds your expectations. Give Shepard a call today to start your next painting project.

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