In a community managed by a homeowners association, maintaining high standards is critical. An HOA community needs to be a model of a healthy, beautiful, and structurally sound living environment. Pressure washing is a key way to maintain high-quality homes and communal areas.

The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Improved Appearance and Stronger Curb Appeal

Dirty surfaces hurt the impression you leave on current and prospective residents. From layers of grime to wads of chewing gum, there are all kinds of impurities that significantly reduce the curb appeal of a community. Buildings, sidewalks, driveways, patios, fences, parking lots, and playgrounds are among the areas that can easily look neglected and foul.

Homeowners and tenants want to live in an area that’s clean and lovely. If they don’t think they can enjoy a pleasant life in your community, they’ll look elsewhere. Pressure washes help boost your curb appeal and keep residents satisfied.

Healthier Surroundings

You don’t want your housing and communal areas to accumulate mildew, pollen, and various chemical contaminants. These substances exacerbate allergies and other health problems. When carried out properly, a pressure wash helps create a healthier environment for residents.

The pressure wash may be performed in a way that’s more environmentally friendly. Your contractor has the option of using biodegradable detergents. Also, even though the wash potentially calls for high volumes of water, professionals know how much water to use for a job. They reduce waste.

Efficient and Cost-Effective Cleaning

When you need to wash large surfaces, it’s important to use an effective method that’s also quick and doesn’t place a strain on your budget. Washing with streams of water at high pressure can fulfill these criteria.

Sometimes, what you need is power washing instead of a regular pressure wash. The key difference between the two is that power washing involves heated water. This can be especially helpful after an accident or a spell of harsh weather. In Florida, one of the challenges for an HOA is cleaning up after a hurricane or a severe storm. Grease, sludge, and other foul substances get tossed onto various surfaces.

Power washing isn’t the best choice for all types of surfaces or all situations. When you hire professionals, they’ll know which kind of wash you need. They’ll tackle the cleaning with speed, thoroughness, and care.

Improved Structural Integrity

Washing surfaces helps get rid of substances that cause deterioration. Whether you’re cleaning a roof or a pool deck, you reduce the chances of advanced damage and costly repairs. You preserve the strength of each structure.

Pressure washes also pave the way for other maintenance tasks or revitalization projects. Before a paint job, for example, the painters need to clean the surfaces they’re working on. Along with getting rid of dirt and other contaminants, the pressure wash removes loose flakes or chips from a previous paint job.

Financial Gains

When handled professionally, pressure washes can give you long-term savings and improved profitability.

A cleaner, stronger, and more attractive community increases the market value of residences. You improve your odds of selling a home or renting it out on favorable terms. As part of maintenance, a pressure wash helps prevent deterioration and other costly problems.

Over time, you make and save more money. The money you save can be directed towards additional improvements to the housing and communal areas in your HOA community. Residents will increasingly feel that they’re receiving more benefits for their HOA fees.

Pressure Washing: Choosing a Painting Contractor

At Shepard Contractors, we have over 40 years of experience with cleaning surfaces, painting them, and applying protective coatings. We’re attuned to the needs of Florida HOAs and bring the following key qualities to every project:

Specialized Knowledge and Skills

When applying a pressure wash, mistakes can prove costly. With a lack of knowledge and experience, you end up with shoddy, incomplete work or damage to your property.

You need professionals with specialized knowledge, which includes:

  • Understanding the properties of various surfaces and how to clean them safely and effectively.
  • Knowing how much water pressure to use, which detergents to apply, and which techniques to rely on for different kinds of surfaces.
  • Mastering the use of the latest equipment, products, and techniques.

Knowledge, experience, and a powerful work ethic enable professionals to meet challenges during the course of a job. A surface may be especially difficult to clean. It may be made of a material that’s more sensitive or in poor condition. You need professionals who can come up with solutions that work well and don’t financially burden you.

Flexibility and Efficiency

You may need a pressure wash to prepare surfaces for painting or to carry out necessary maintenance and beautification. Regardless of the reason, you want to hire professionals who can schedule their work with your convenience in mind.

The work should be performed with minimal disturbance to residents and visitors. It should also get carried out efficiently. The speed of the work, however, should never compromise its thoroughness. Professionals won’t overlook any part of an area they’re cleaning, and they won’t be satisfied with mediocre results.

Genuine Care and Integrity

You deserve professionals who respond quickly to you, carefully assess your needs, and treat you and your residents with respect.

Our work is characterized by consistent integrity and a sincere care for your community. We help you avoid wasteful spending, and we never subject you to unfair pricing or hidden fees. When we work in your community, we observe rigorous safety protocols that protect our workers and your residents.

Throughout every step of a job, we provide you with accurate and complete information about what we’re doing. If we detect any problems, such as an underlying structural defect that you may have never noticed, we inform you about it and discuss your options for handling it. The success of your HOA community is our top priority.

Contact Shepard Contractors

If your HOA is located in or around Tampa FL, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With our outstanding track record and our extensive experience with commercial painting and pressure washing, we’re your best choice. You can reach us through our site or by calling 813-400-2081. Licensed and insured, we’re committed to performing excellent work and improving your residents’ quality of life.

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