If you’re a business owner in Tampa FL, then you probably understand the importance of creating a gorgeous interior that your customers will truly enjoy. Tampa is a beautiful city, and its residents are used to stylish, attractive buildings. If your interior is plain or ugly, customers will be quick to notice and take their business elsewhere. With a neat, clean building that’s recently been touched up by a commercial painting contractor, you’ll have a much better chance of growing your customer base.

You should think long and hard about every part of your building’s interior, including what customers will have floating above their heads. Ceilings play a surprisingly vital role in giving a room its unique atmosphere. By choosing smart colors and having your ceiling professionally painted, you’ll give your business a leg up on the competition.

Ceilings don’t have to be plain or boring. In fact, an exciting ceiling design is a great way to give a room an aesthetic boost. Before scheduling your commercial interior painting, check out these five ideas for injecting some excitement into your business’s ceiling.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold or Bright Colors

Some people mistakenly believe that ceilings should always be understated. They assume eye-level decorations and furniture are what define a room, and they practically ignore the ceiling altogether. This mindset grossly underestimates the effect a stylish, snazzy ceiling can have on a building’s interior.

Bold, bright, or dark colors can turn a plain, boring room into an attractive place where customers enjoy spending time. In a room with lighter walls, consider choosing a darker color for the ceiling. You can match the paint with darker curtains to create an aesthetic full of contrast and depth. In bathrooms or cafeterias, try brighter colors like yellow or teal. Once you overcome the fear of acting boldly, you’ll be free to try all sorts of dazzling colors on your ceilings.

Seek to Add Contrast

There’s no reason your entire ceiling should be a single color. Using a bold combination of colors is a great way to add dimensionality and liven up the entire interior.

Try using a secondary color on trim, molding, and the bases of light fixtures. With a little thought, you should have no trouble finding a color that matches the ceiling’s base. To maximize the pleasing effects of contrast, try using white flourishes around a darker central hue. This combination is a great way to make the ceiling pop out to the viewer.

Create the Perfect Finish or Texture

The only thing worse than a plain, texture-less ceiling is a ceiling that’s riddled with blemishes. Luckily, you can solve both these problems at once by cleverly using the proper paint.

Paints with a matte or flat finish do an exceptional job of covering up the unsightly cracks that often plague older ceilings. Thicker paints, meanwhile, are great for adding the swirls and designs that give a ceiling texture. A commercial painting contractor can help you choose just the paint that will give your ceiling the perfect finish.

Use Decorative Metal Tiles

Paint isn’t the only material that can help give your ceiling a cool, stylish look. Decorative metal tiles, once common in businesses around the world, are making a comeback as an exciting way to give ceilings more depth and character.

Something about these tiles makes a building look neat and professional in a trustworthy, old-fashioned sort of way. While they’re quaint and retro-looking in their plain state, metal roof tiles are also easily painted. Combining the metal plates with a general color scheme is a great way to give your business a unique, timeless aesthetic.

Consider Beadboard or Siding

Beadboard and siding are great options for business owners hoping to add some depth texture to their ceilings. Not only are they generally stylish in their own right, but they also do a remarkable job of making a ceiling look higher than it really is. This optical illusion will give visitors a better impression of your business.

Rather than replacing a traditional ceiling, these materials can be seen as an aesthetic enhancement. You can paint these versatile materials just like you would a regular ceiling. Their unique textures and novel appearance will set your business apart from your more ordinary competitors. Sometimes, something as simple as a cool, unique ceiling is enough to win new customers over.

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