As a landlord, you definitely want your rental home to be as attractive and comfortable as possible. However, maybe you don’t have a lot of time for renovations, and perhaps you have a limited budget as well. Thus, you’d seek projects that are quick, affordable, and high-impact.

That’s where room painting services come in. With the right professional commercial house painters, you can upgrade the look of an entire room. Compared to other renovations, painting takes little time and money. And the results are highly noticeable.

If you’re unsure about rental home painting, here are some questions you may be asking.

Why Should I Paint My Rental Home?

There are a number of reasons why now might be the time to hire commercial interior painters.


Does a certain room smell bad? Tenants sometimes leave rooms that way. For example, cigarettes emit penetrating odors that are really hard to remove. Likewise, dogs and other pets — as much as we love them — can ooze disagreeable scents, smells you can’t always scrub away.

It’s astonishing, then, what paint and primer can do. They’ll clear away odors just like magic.

Stains and Flaws

Speaking of magic, a Magic Eraser is a painter’s tool for getting rid of wall stains. Naturally, some of your renters will leave them behind. Crayon, marker, paint, food, beverage, grease, and plenty of other stains are possible. And they can be surprisingly tenacious.

However, Magic Erasers can expunge most of these marks, and the new paint will cover up the rest. Paint can hide small imperfections in surfaces as well.

Aged Paint

After several years, paint starts to fade, crack, and peel. If it’s been at least a few years since you last painted a particular room, it’s probably time to seek room painting services.

Have you grown tired of a room’s color design? Or are you getting new carpets, curtains, or furnishings? In such cases, it could also be time to paint.

What If My Funds Are Limited?

There are ways to lower the cost of an interior paint job. First, find pros who are competitively priced. Obviously, you don’t want to hire painters whose prices are suspiciously low. You still want quality work, a paint job that will last you a few years or longer.

In addition, your professional house painters could provide you with excellent yet affordable paint. You needn’t buy one of the most expensive paints on the market. When you request both quality and value, you’ll save money and enjoy beautiful results.

On top of that, if your budget is small, you don’t have to paint every room. Instead, you could just paint your bathrooms and kitchen. Those rooms often have the most stains and the barest walls. Plus, most potential renters who tour your home will pay special attention to those spaces.

What Should Your Paint Job Look Like?

You might know precisely what your painted rooms should look like. If you’re not sure, keep in mind that bold colors can be off-putting, and white can be drab.

A color that’s neutral and light could be just right. Such a shade will please the eyes and inject a little personality into your room. At the same time, it should support the overall decor instead of distracting from it or clashing with it.

You can then add a semi-gloss finish for a gorgeous sheen. Just as important, semi-gloss finishes are remarkably resistant to scuff marks and staining.

Who Should Paint My Rental Home?

Are you now wondering: “Who are some great commercial painters in my area?” Well, if you live in Tampa FL, the answer is Shepard Contractors.

We specialize in all commercial room painting services. We’re experts in coatings, too. As such, we have a vast and detailed knowledge of paint and wallpaper — the specific characteristics of each type. Likewise, we’re well-versed as far as the latest painting methods, tools, and equipment.

Our work ethic also sets us apart. We can paint in the most challenging environments, and we complete all of our jobs quickly and effectively — always on budget and on time. We’re also fully insured and licensed, and we’re friendly to boot. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We’d be happy to discuss scheduling, colors, paints, finishes, and so forth. Before long, your Tampa FL rental home will look so good, it’ll be time to raise the rents.

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