Everywhere you look there are books, articles, videos, and public speakers offering tips and tricks to improve your productivity. One of the most amazing things about the majority of these facts is that the best ways to boost our productivity involve simple acts. It’s the little things that make employees more productive. The things that create a more pleasant work environment also make them more productive.

Things like encouraging your employees to take regular breaks can make them happier and therefore more productive. It’s a simple thing to do, and yet easy to skip and cause them to get less work done.

One of the simple things that can be done to encourage productivity at the office is to look at how your office is designed.

Choosing Office Colors Isn’t The Same As Painting Your Home

When you paint a bedroom, you consider the individual’s favorite colors. You also consider the size of the room, the light exposure, and what goes well with the furniture. Perhaps you give some thought to colors that might be restful. But all the other concerns come second place to choosing what the individual likes.

When you choose colors for an office, you are choosing colors that a group of people will spend a lot of their waking hours looking at. If the colors are off or the paint is poorly applied your employees will not be thanking you. If you want to create a professional environment, it needs to be designed that way. That’s why it’s important to hire professional commercial painters to handle your office painting. It’s important to get the job done right and with the right colors.

If there are colors that make a bedroom good for sleeping, it’s easy to believe that there are also colors that would be better for productivity.

But Can Paint Colors Really Affect Productivity?

It sounds too simple, but it’s true. The University of Texas researched this very phenomenon and found that colors affect our moods and that the impact is different between different demographics.

Their study found that the colors we used to paint offices–beige, gray, and white–brought about feelings of sadness and depression. This was a strong trend among the entire study group, but it was particularly true in women. Men found colors like purple and orange particularly depressing.

The Office Colors That Improve Productivity

Is your office full of creative types? Are they innovators? Developers? If so, then you want a color that is energetic and going to keep them coming up with amazing ideas. Color psychologists turn to mellow yellow shades. Yellow is optimistic, cheerful, and associated with the mind.

Do you want your employees to have an efficient and focused energy? Green and blue are low-wavelength colors. Green is associated with balance, growth, and self-reliance. Blue is associated with calm and peace, both essential to the environment for a focused mind. These colors create an environment for happy employees to thrive. Happier employees are more effective employees.

Is there something in your office you want your employees to pay attention to? A place you want their eye to be drawn and their attention to return to? Red is a passionate color. It is full of energy and action. It may be too much for your whole office, but if you want to alert your employees to something or bring some high energy to an area red can be a strong choice.

Other Considerations Before You Paint Your Office

Color psychology is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. There is science to say that certain colors create environments for certain emotions, so painting your office can help set the tone for your overall design and the way your employees will experience this work space.

But there are other considerations beyond color psychology to take into consideration before making your final preparations for office painting.

What Kind of Business Are You In?

If you’re an office space for toy designers, there might need to be a spark of whimsy to the color palette. If you’re a law firm, your color choices will be much different. The line of business will affect the tone you want to set in your business.

Are There Textures In Your Building?

If you have brick walls or other textures in your space, talk to your office painters about how you might capitalize on that. Adding a little texture can add a nature feel that makes your space unique.

Don’t Overlook Your Brand Colors

If any of your brand colors fit in with the color psychology tips above, then you have an easy decision to make. If now, then consider how you might be able to set the right color mood and still mix in some of your brand. This is something you can consult your designer or professional office painters about. Perhaps you can paint the walls the right color for the mood but include some of your branding colors in the accents.

You choose your branding colors for a reason. These colors help set the tone for your business, which is also an important factor in your design. If you have clients who visit your office, this is only more important. Brand awareness is a powerful part of your marketing.

Hire Commercial Painters Who Can Handle the Job

Between color psychology, proper paint application, the variety of wall surfaces, and the ever changing equipment and techniques being used in office painting, it only makes sense to hire professionals who will give your office the professional look it needs.

Make sure the company you’re looking to hire has experience with commercial needs and not just residential. The needs of a bedroom are different than an office space.

You want to find a professional company that has a crew able to handle the job on time. A company that understands the needs of a business space.

In Tampa FL you can trust Shepard Contractors. With 60 years of experience in commercial and industrial painting, Shepard has experience working in a variety of challenging environments and meeting the needs of customers. You need a company that knows the needs of Tampa office spaces and has an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of paint and how different brands react to various surfaces. It’s hard to find a company that’s been in business for more than a decade and has the experience and reputation that can put their customer’s minds at ease. Contact Shepard Contractors about your office to discover how professional painters can help you create the right environment for your business to grow.

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