Protective coatings have a tough job to do anywhere but especially in Florida. The unrelenting sun and extreme humidity challenge coatings to endure high temperatures and almost constant dampness. However, temperatures can fall into the 30s in central Florida. Our more than 60 years as an industrial painting contractor assure you of expert protection of your buildings and equipment.

Coping with Conditions

Building owners and property managers in Florida face challenges to the integrity of properties that come with the climate. Cold weather tends to thicken paint and extend drying time, but Florida’s climate usually prevents it. However, heat produces concerns as well. Many factors that affect industrial or commercial painting projects in Florida relate mainly to temperature.

Understanding Environmental Effects

The complex tasks that protective coatings perform in coping with the weather in Florida require preparation and control. The elements that make them effective require storage at approximately 80° Fahrenheit. The temperatures in Tampa rarely go below 38°F or climb above 94°F, factors that we deal with every day.

The accelerators and activators in paint mix well at that temperature and make the application smooth. We maintain a fresh inventory that prevents exposure to extreme temperatures over an extended period. Improper storage can cause industrial or commercial paints to require replacement.

High heat can produce effects that we avoid through experience and expertise gained in our years as an industrial painting contractor. For example, extreme temperatures can dry the outer layer first and allow the protective coating to form a skin. When that happens, the lower layers may not dry thoroughly. Other effects can produce defects that allow bubbling and blistering to occur. Our familiarity with our protective coatings and their characteristics prevents such events from occurring.

Getting the Most from Your Industrial Paint Job

Producing the best result with protective coatings requires proper storage, expert application and timing. The temperature of the air, the substrate and the coating material can make a difference. In addition, the sensitivity that some coatings have to environmental conditions can affect the time required to become an all-weather coating.

After the curing process of 24-48 hours, coatings achieve maximum effectiveness. At Shepard Contractors, we honor a tradition created by serving the Tampa Fl community since 1959. We understand the weather conditions here and offer our expertise in protective coatings for your properties. Whatever project you want to maintain with protective coatings, you get the best value from a local commercial painting contractor.

Most protective coatings work best above 50° Fahrenheit to ensure effective interaction between the hardener and base. As a highly experienced industrial painting contractor in Tampa’s warm climate, we recommend against performing projects at night. To provide the greatest convenience to our clients, we can schedule our work around business requirements.

Coping with Humidity

With the Gulf so nearby and the prevailing humidity upward of 70 percent, building owners must maintain equipment to prevent rust and corrosion. Salty air from the Gulf can exert an enormous impact on facilities in the Tampa area. The highly efficient coatings that we apply prevent setbacks from using the wrong type or quality of paint. With our assistance, you can choose a coating that ensures an attractive appearance and reduces the need for maintenance and upkeep.

Fighting Corrosion

At Shepard Contractors, we offer clients the finest licensed and insured talent in the business. Our scope of services extends to commercial and industrial facilities, tanks and machinery to provide the utmost protection from corrosion.

Many business owners and property managers may know that deterioration goes on but still believe that nothing can prevent it. However, we can apply protective coatings to your equipment and tools to prevent moisture from affecting them.

While our work greatly improves a building’s appearance, we use high-quality industrial paints to stand up to the demanding weather in Tampa FL. The quality of a paint that suits your specific needs and application by qualified experts assures you of the result you expect from the best in the business.

Deciding to Protect and Maintain

Every aspect of our industrial and commercial painting service demonstrates the respect that we have for our clients. We understand the difficulties you face in keeping your equipment in excellent condition and extending its life span to curtail expenses. As we commit to providing the best value for your maintenance budget, we offer expertise in aesthetic design as well.

Our carefully selected, experienced industrial painters bring talent and dedication to each project. We have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of protective coatings and the properties of paint. In addition, our knowledge of the most advanced application processes and our use of the latest equipment enables us to deliver a professional and durable paint job for you. Our team of talented consultants can recommend colors that enhance your appeal to customers and the community. We offer scheduling that lets us work around your needs to accomplish superior results on time and within your budget requirements. Contact us to learn more about the services that make your painting project successful.

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