Owners and managers of industrial buildings, factories and facilities have a unique responsibility to keep commercial properties in top shape. A well-kept structure reflects well on the business that owns it and complements the community, factors that can influence how much customer traffic it attracts. Industrial painting can help prevent the need for frequent repair of damage from the elements and exposure to the sun in the Tampa FL area while it enhances the reputation of the ownership. At Shepard Contractors, we offer complete industrial painting services that can improve the appeal of buildings inside and out and reduce maintenance costs while extending the life of structures and equipment.

Improving Properties with Industrial Painting

The protection of a building’s exterior and interior surfaces offers many benefits that apply to equipment as well. Aside from creating an aesthetic appeal that creates the appearance of a prosperous business, it increases the life span of a facility and its machinery. Industrial paints contain elements that allow them to exceed the capabilities of conventional surface coatings.

Protecting Machinery against Environmental Factors

While central Florida rarely experiences extremely low temperatures other than brief cold snaps, the high heat, elevated humidity and the sun’s rays pose significant maintenance issues in Tampa FL. You can limit the impact that exposure to the elements produces on the expensive machinery in your shop with regular cleaning and fresh paint every few years. As industrial painters, we understand how to handle the conditions that can damage the physical equipment that builds your products or supports your services. Some benefits that can save you time and money down the road make sense and give you a return on investment.

Controlling Rust and Corrosion

Exposure to constant high humidity creates ideal conditions for rust and corrosion to damage equipment and lead to machine failure. The downtime and extra costs that you can experience when that occurs can help you make the investment in preventive measures a practical business decision.

At Shepard Contractors, we offer specialized coating systems that provide strong resistance to heat and humidity while protecting your equipment. Salt air influences, corrosion, tarnishing and moisture can cause damage that our industrial paints can help prevent. Our UV coatings contain blockers that can prevent fading, cracking, peeling and yellowing in the Florida sun. Our second- and third-generation contractors continue the tradition of excellence that our company founder, “Dub” Shepard, established in 1949.

Choosing Durable Coatings

The original finish on machinery can break down in as little as two or three years, but our repainting services provide a high-quality, reliable restoration that extends the useful life of industrial equipment for several years. We specialize in all types of industrial coatings, and we recommend the most appropriate paint for your specific application.

Electrostatically applied paint bonds to metal surfaces with superior attraction capability, and it provides a more durable surface than other types of coatings. Our expert teams can handle its unique application requirements to produce a flawless and long-lasting finish that dries quickly. Our years of experience as a commercial painting contractor give us a deep understanding of the properties of coatings that produce superior results for your facilities and equipment.

Protecting Equipment from Thermal Damage

Machinery that operates in a high-temperature environment can experience damage from thermal shock and heat variations that can produce corrosion under insulation. We study the characteristics of each paint that we use, and we can recommend heat-resistant coatings that manufacturers develop for specific environments. As your commercial painting contractor, we can work in challenging situations with the latest equipment and techniques to make sure that you get the protection that you expect.

Enhancing Commercial Structures with Industrial Paint

Appearances matter, and a fresh coat of paint on a commercial building can strengthen its image and increase customer traffic. When customers can choose any business to patronize, they may prefer one that looks successful. A structure that looks tired and neglected can have a negative influence on purchasing decisions, and the impact of an upscale appearance may affect employee performance as well.

Tenancy and occupancy rates may depend on the care that you give to their rented or leased space, and you do not want them to leave your location for one that looks better and more prosperous. As an owner or manager of a commercial property, you know that routine maintenance offers greater economic efficiencies than repair or replacement. Our industrial painting services provide an economical way to upgrade your property and gain the approval of potential customers in your area.

Managing a Property for the Long Term

Proper building management relies on an approach to business that includes practical decisions and the wise investment of time and money to implement them. Buildings in the Tampa area receive exposure to temperatures on days that may reach the mid-90s for up to six months. The sun does not relent in delivering the direct heat that can fade the color of the paint or make it crack or peel.

Warehouses, hotels and hospitals, gyms and fitness centers, retirement complexes and entertainment facilities require proper property management that includes the professional application of paints and coatings to keep them in good condition. The protective coatings that we recommend can extend the life of your property, enhance its appearance in the community, make it attract customers and tenants, prevent the need for repairs and create an image of success that every business hopes to achieve.

Choosing Shephard Contractors for Industrial Paint Jobs

As industrial painters, we specialize in protecting the exterior surfaces and enhancing the interior spaces of commercial buildings in west-central Florida. Our history of serving the greater Tampa area with superior painting and coatings for commercial structures stands as our commitment to offering our knowledge and experience in our third-generation company.

Our reputation stands for customer satisfaction, and we offer a range of services that ensure it. We manage the entire project from the consultation to the application of the last drop of paint. We provide a price that includes everything and no hidden costs. In your meeting with us, we recommend colors and types of paint that best suit your building, and we design our work around a schedule that provides the most convenience and least interruption for you. Our respect for your responsibilities as an owner or manager includes keeping you up to date on our progress as we complete each phase of your projects. Call us to schedule an appointment to improve your commercial property.

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