Many commercial painting projects are downright difficult, and many may actually be hazardous. Awkward spaces, challenging areas and specialty equipment that must be painted around can make the project anything but simple. For these reasons, you certainly want to look for a commercial painting contractor who can safely walk you through every step of the process. Plus, as a business owner, you want to rest assured that the painting professionals you hire in Tampa FL, have had the safety training necessary to tackle even the largest projects with ease.

Although it is ultimately up to the professional painting company to take steps to reduce risks, you are also responsible for ensuring your project is completed without any problems. When you work with Shepard Contractors in Tampa, Florida, you can rest assured that every possible step is taken to reduce risks for you, your employees and the entire professional painting team. One simple example is that the painting team will redirect traffic in your business around the project area. Plus, your project will be completed accurately and efficiently.

While there are numerous reasons why you will want to work with a commercial painting contractor on your next major project, here are just a few reasons why you will want to work closely with the painting company to improve overall safety.

1. Improve Employee Safety Throughout the Project

Whether your painting project is large or small, there are inherent risks involved. The two most common problems that could affect the painters, you, your employees and even your customers include air quality issues and slip-and-fall accidents.

You may recognize paint fumes as a minor irritation, but they can actually be much more dangerous than that. Over time, improperly ventilated work areas can lead to very real problems for everyone nearby. For example, you may get complaints of headaches, eye irritation and even breathing issues. Keeping air circulating freely and ensuring that plenty of fresh air is being continuously directed into the work area is vital.

In addition, because slip-and-fall accidents are a concern no matter how large your painting project is, it is vital that the painting professionals barricade the work area, and that foot traffic is redirected whenever possible. Although commercial painters should be using their own personal protective equipment to stay safe on the job, your employees and customers do not have that luxury. Therefore, it is important that you work with the contractor to create solutions before work begins.

2. Decrease Safety Reports

Another reason why it is vital to work with the commercial painting contractor to create a safe work site is to decrease reportable safety issues. The commercial painting team should be trained to follow OSHA standards, and any safety incidents on the team should be handled by the painting company itself.

However, if one of your own employees is injured because of the painting project, your company will need to handle the problem internally. Reporting a safety incident is not only frustrating but also costly. You may have to deal with workers’ compensation claims and with changes to your company’s insurance costs. Safety issues that affect your customers could become even more problematic. Wrapping up these problems can take up to a year. Thankfully, creating a safe work environment takes far less time and effort.

3. Keep Your Company’s Reputation Strong

Taking the time to create a safe worksite that protects both your employees and your customers or clients helps you build a solid reputation. Customers are sure to begin talking if you have ongoing remodeling and painting projects that affect their time spent in your building. It is vital to ensure that you minimize any discomfort to clients by ensuring that your business continues to run efficiently and without any safety issues. Plus, posting pictures and publishing articles about the safety improvements you are making to your business can have the added benefit of creating plenty of positive talk in your community.

Your business’s reputation is also affected by your employees. If they find that their work is significantly hampered by your commercial painting project, morale may dwindle. Employees may even start calling in sick to avoid being in a dangerous or noisy environment. By creating a safe and efficient work zone immediately, you can keep productivity and morale high.

4. Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Depending on the size of your planned painting project, most or all of the painting could be handled on the weekend. However, the majority of projects require at least some weekday hours. Check with the painting company to see if it offers after-hours services to minimize disruptions to your employees and customers.

If after-hours work is not a possibility, you will want to create a comprehensive plan to improve safety and keep work efficiency high despite the changes in work environment. Consider ramping up to any major painting job by moving important and costly equipment to other areas of your business and by shifting employees to new office areas away from the work environment.

By keeping the project timeline and the workspace organized, you can significantly decrease the possibility of on-the-job accidents and employee and customer dissatisfaction. Plus, you may just be able to speed the project along to a swifter conclusion than you may have imagined. The painting contractor can help you manage the entire project and can advise you on changes you can make that will best help you get the results you would like.

At Shepard Contractors in Tampa, Florida, we have the experience necessary to help you get the outcome you want both efficiently and safely. In fact, we have over 40 years of experience along with vast knowledge in the newest painting techniques and finishes. Plus, we are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Contact Shepard Contractors today to schedule a consultation. Our knowledgeable professionals can help you choose the right colors for your space and can craft the ideal work schedule around your current work hours.

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