As the summer ends, you may find yourself spending more time in your office. You might notice various tasks or repairs needed in the space, and you may plan to take advantage of the winter slowdown to get this work done.

Now is also a great time to have your office or commercial space professionally painted. Many business owners and facilities managers opt for painting in the summer, but winter may be a better time to paint your Tampa office.

If your office’s interior paint is outdated, dull, or dingy, a professional paint job could be what you need to bring life and warmth to the facility. Not only does this make the location more enjoyable to work in, but it can make your business more appealing for your customers and clients. Don’t wait until the summertime to start painting. Here are five reasons to hire a commercial painter in the winter:

1. Better Curing

The heat and humidity during Tampa summers can significantly lengthen the amount of time it takes for paint to dry. Although winters are still fairly warm in Tampa, the conditions are much better for paint curing. If you hire a painter in the winter, you won’t have to wait as long to move back your furniture or hang up decorations on the walls. Waiting for the paint to cure can be the most frustrating part of the process, but it’s far quicker in the wintertime.

2. Don’t Need Summer Heat or Daylight

One of the most common reasons business owners hire commercial interior painters in the summer is because they think the heat and daylight is necessary for the paint to dry. However, you don’t actually need to open up all your windows or expose the paint to sunlight for it to cure. Although proper ventilation is important to reduce the paint fumes in your office space, you shouldn’t worry about opening every single window during cold weather. Cracking open a few windows and turning on some fans is all you need.

Daylight hours also aren’t a concern for interior painters. While exterior painting jobs need to be done in the daylight, your interior painters can keep working as the sun sets. Even if your commercial painting contractors are working on the shortest day of the year, they can put the same number of hours into the job.

3. Take Advantage of Slower Business

Many commercial businesses see an influx of customers and clients in the summer, but winters tend to be much quieter. If you have a winter slowdown, take advantage of this time. Rather than shutting down your location for painting during your busiest season, invest in professional painting when the work won’t interfere as much with your profits.

4. Easier to Book a Painter

Because so many businesses view summer as the time for painting and renovation projects, it’s usually easier to book a commercial painting contractor in the winter. This is especially true for painting companies that also offer exterior painting. They may be booked for weeks or even months in advance during the warmer months, so finding someone to do the job in the summer can be tough.

Like so many other industries, painters often have a decrease in business during the winter. You can probably book a contractor on shorter notice in the winter, and they’ll likely offer more flexible scheduling. This gives you the freedom to choose the best possible day for the painting job, which will help to minimize the impact on your employees and customers.

5. Brighten the Space and Improve Your Mood

Winter is a tough time of year for many people. The cooler weather and shorter daylight hours can influence your mood and affect your productivity. These changes are particularly noticeable after the holiday season passes. You and your employees may feel tired, unmotivated, or bored, and this can show in your work.

Painting the interior of your office or commercial space is an excellent way to bring life into the area during the darkest months. Paint color is more than an aesthetic choice. Research shows that different colors can actually have different effects on your mood. For example, blue and green may have a calming, grounding effect, and red and orange may have an energizing, creative effect.

If you feel like you or your team is in a slump, adding some bold and fresh colors to the space could be exactly what you need. New paint can be a subtle but welcome change that adds energy and warmth to your office during the winter.

Interior painting can make your office or commercial location look and feel cleaner, brighter, and more welcoming. You, your employees, and your customers will all benefit from a new paint job, and winter is the best time for the project. Don’t let the winter months pass by without making any improvements to your business. Now is the time to invest in commercial painting to spruce up your facility. Shepard Contractors specializes in commercial interior painting. Our team is familiar with the newest equipment and techniques in the industry, and we take pride in our professional, meticulous painting. We’re happy to offer suggestions for paint types and color schemes, or we can fulfill your existing vision for your office. We work in all types of commercial environments and can complete the job with minimal interruptions to your day-to-day operations. If you’re looking for a commercial painting contractor in Tampa FL, contact us today.

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