One of the most important decisions you’ll make when choosing paint for your commercial interior painting project involves the paint finish. While paint color is a critical aspect of every commercial painting project, your finish of choice will determine what the paint looks like. Paint with a matte finish looks much different when compared to paint with a semi-gloss finish. The finishes you select for the different surfaces and areas in your building will assist you in enhancing the appearance of the building in question. This guide provides a comprehensive look at the many paint finishes that our commercial painting contractors are familiar with.


Flat paints come with hardly any sheen to them. In fact, most flat paints don’t have any gloss once placed on a wall or trim. The main benefit of choosing a flat finish is that it will absorb any light that shines on it, which means that most flaws and imperfections below the paint won’t be visible. Since imperfections aren’t noticeable after applying flat paint, you won’t need to spend money on repairing these flaws. Despite the many advantages of flat paints, this paint is difficult to clean as the result of low durability.


Matte finishes are similar to flat finishes but contain a small amount of sheen. When you paint a wall with a matte finish, you won’t need as many coats as you would when painting a wall with a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish. Matte paint only needs to be cleaned occasionally.

Make sure that this paint is only placed in areas of your building that don’t obtain a lot of traffic. This type of paint pairs well with most ceilings. As with all other finishes on this list, it’s important to request assistance from a commercial painting contractor like ours to ensure an even coating and proper application of the finish.


Eggshell paints have some sheen to them. Imagine a matte paint that has been polished. The paint will cover some imperfections but isn’t as effective at hiding patches and nail holes when compared to flat and matte paints. This finish is more durable than a flat or matte paint, which makes it somewhat easier to clean. You can paint the walls of a hallway or conference room with an eggshell finish without running into problems.


Satin is likely the most popular finish for businesses in Tampa FL. This finish has a velvety and pearl-like appearance to it, which makes it more lustrous than all of the aforementioned finishes. The paint is also relatively durable and can be cleaned without worrying about damage. Even though some blemishes can be covered with satin, any imperfections on your walls could be noticeable when viewed up close. Because of the increased durability of satin, this paint works well in bathrooms, conference rooms, and offices.


Semi-gloss paints have more sheen than satin paints and are known to reflect a substantial amount of light. However, it’s possible to paint a room with a semi-gloss paint without creating issues. The durability of this paint is high, which makes it resistant to both moisture and mildew. The ideal areas for semi-gloss paint include bathrooms, doors, trims, and kitchens.

High Gloss

If you want a paint that’s highly reflective and looks very similar to glass, a high-gloss paint may be exactly what you’re looking for. This finish is highly durable and can be cleaned with ease. These paints work well at making the color of your choice more vivid. Because of the durability that this finish has, you can apply it to any high-use surfaces, which extend to doors, trims, and cabinets. However, you shouldn’t place a high-gloss finish on interior walls. The only problem with this type of paint is that imperfections are easy to see, which means that repair work will likely be necessary.

Antimicrobial Paint

The perfect paints for any commercial business are anti-microbial paints, which contain special additives. Most of these paints are made from natural substances like cupronickel, brass, and copper. When the paint has been applied and has fully dried, the surfaces will effectively resist mold, viruses, bacteria, and similar microbes. This paint is able to kill microbes and keep any microbes from sticking to the walls in your building, which means that they will fall directly to the floors and will be unable to replicate.

One paint finish can make the interiors of your commercial building look completely different than another paint finish, which is why it’s important to consider all of your options. Our commercial painting contractor can help you determine which finish works best with your building. If you require commercial interior painting services for your business, call Shepard Contractors today to learn more about how we apply all types of finishes to numerous substrates. We can consult with you on preferred colors, finishes, project timelines, and expected costs.

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